1st June 2020, a day where Singaporeans long to see.

This is the day where our extended Circuit Breaker ends and we are less restricted in our movement in Singapore on 2nd June 2020 onward.

I did a quick survey among my friends ranging from 17 to 29 years old about what they missed about the pre-Circuit Breaker life where they can do the following:

  1. Hanging out with friends
  2. Having meals beyond home
  3. Going to religious places such as a church, mosque, temple, etc
  4. Going to school
  5. Travelling overseas
  6. Exercising or going to the gym

As much as I long for the freedom of movement around Singapore, if I have to resume to working from office after 1st June 2020, I will definitely miss these two months of Circuit Breaker.

Here are the 11 reasons why I will miss the Circuit Breaker:


#1 – Wearing of mask

wear mask

The call for Circuit Breaker was to stay at home to flatten the curve. Being at home set me at ease for not wearing the mask unless I am out to purchase necessities. I absolutely find it a chore to be wearing the mask honestly. It is so difficult to breathe in the reusable mask but I know the purpose of wearing a mask when I am out. Being a law-abiding citizen, I always abide in this rule of wearing a mask whenever I step out of my house.

If my workplace is resuming back to working from the office, I have to adhere to the rules of wearing a mask in my workplace throughout the 8 hours. That is certainly a dread for me, but I know that it is protection for myself and others. I will be responsible for my own action and protect my community!

I will miss the freedom of not wearing a mask when I was working from home.


#2 – Keep a safe distance  

safe distancing

1 metre! You need to keep 1 metre apart from others! That is what has been repeated over the television, social media platforms and news. Even in the open spaces such as queuing to enter a premise, buying food or even when exercising, 1 metre apart is strictly to adhere by.

You know, being at home during most of the Circuit Breaker means that I don’t have to keep a safe distance from strangers. I will only be intentional in keeping my 1 metre apart from people when I am out to buy essentials items or food. Now that the Circuit Breaker is over, this will have to engrave in my mind.

What I am thankful is that everywhere I go, there are signages or tapes to ensure that we abide to this safe distancing rule. Even if I totally forgot about it, there are still cues and Safe distancing ambassadors to remind me.

I will miss keeping a safe distance by staying at home.


#3 – Takeaway Your Food

takeaway container

If you read what I did during the first 2 weeks of Circuit Breaker, you will know that I am pretty much comfortable to be home bounded and manage to whip up some dishes at home.

There are times where I am so unmotivated to cooking so my mum will buy food back for us.

The inconvenience of takeaway food still remains until further notice.

I remembered my very first day out of the home during Circuit Breaker, I bought Burger King for lunch and wanted to eat it at the nearest commonplace because I have an upcoming appointment in an hour time. To my horror, there is no commonplace anymore! I had to walk 20 minutes back home to eat my lunch and walk 20 minutes for my appointment because there is no way for me to consume my food in any eating places.

Honestly, it was really frustrating due to the inconvenience and the food would have turned cold by then. Even when it is the end of Circuit Breaker, there is still no way for me to consume food in the office’s canteen as of now.

I will miss the convenience of cooking at home and eating freshly cooked food. I guess I will not head to the canteen but to bring my own cooked food. Even if I have to buy food from the canteen, I will bring a clean container to pack the food.


#4 – Socialising

zoom socialising

Working from home prohibited physical contact with others but technology connected people via the airwave.

Have you eaten with your friend via Zoom video call or simply catching up with them using applications such as HouseParty, Quan Ming Party, etc? What was something novelty has become a norm during these 2 months of Circuit breaker!

However, when we are back to office or school, we are still not allowed to eat our lunch with our colleagues or schoolmates as we are not to allow to gather in groups, either at home or outside.

That is a major turnoff since lunch is the only time for us to chill and relax with each others.

I will miss socialising physically with my colleagues over lunch even though we are physically at the same place when work resumes. I will miss having my own freshly cooked meal too.


 #5 – Find, Found, Fine

fine city

I am sure you have seen people breaking the Stay At Home Notice, Quarantine Order, Safe Distancing rules during the Circuit Breaker period. Many are being discovered by the authority and netizens for not complying to the Safe Distancing Rules.

Do you know that when you first offend, you will be fined $300? Repeated offenders will face higher fines or prosecution in court for egregious cases.

Should I break the rules, I will be risked of being discovered, found and fine by the authorities. The chances of getting fine are really slim for me for I am a law-abiding citizen. However, there are rules and regulations which are always on constant changes that I need to help myself by staying updated through the Gov.sg notice so that I will not be found at fault.

I will miss staying at home for being at home will not get me into the viral news and fine by the authority.

#6 – Lower exposure to sickness

exposure to sickness

Credit: Business Insider

We are all told to stay at home during this Circuit Breaker as the health of all are depended on each of us.  Yes, you and I! Even so, do you know why we should stay at home?

The COVID-19 spreads very easily, much easier than many common illnesses on a daily basis. That is why this virus is so dangerous that it could mean life or death for you or someone you know!

When the infected person coughs, the droplets from the cough carried the virus which could be transferred to another person. If these droplets make their way to the respiratory tract of that person, it found itself a new house to contain COVID-19.

In short, you don’t have to make any physical contact with another person to be infected with COVID-19.

Therefore, staying at home and not going out unless required is the best thing to do right now. Though it can cause psychological struggles at home, nothing beats keeping ourselves alive and keeping others’ too.

Since going out of the home can possibly make me infected, I will miss staying at home and not outside to avoid getting infected by COVID-19 for I wouldn’t know my colleagues who are not in the same household at me will be infected by others. Then the virus they carried will spread to me and I spread back at home.


#7 – Higher expenditures

groceries receipts

The highest expenses that I have during Circuit Breakers are from groceries from the nearest supermarkets of my estate. I buy in bulk responsibly so that I could save myself the time from re-visiting the supermarkets. So, it turns out that I spent a large amount on groceries. Since I am always at home, my lunch is purchase by my mum which I believe she will have incurred more expenses during this Circuit Breaker than usual.

Now that if I am back at workplace, I will have to spend more money on lunch and possible snacks to keep myself going in the office. I am certainly sure that if I have a few colleagues who are lazy to walk out of the office to buy meals at the canteen, we will settle our meals via delivery. Delivery will definitely incur more lunch money than canteen’s food which will result in spending more money than during Circuit Breaker.

I will miss the food that my mum bought during Circuit Breaker. Though most are food that I will not get it myself because trying to keep healthy diet, but I will not say no to food.

#8 – Transportation time


830am to 6pm – that is my working hours.

I am sure that is a common range of working hour for others. I will usually take more than an hour to travel to work which mean I have to work out earlier than during Circuit Breaker.

Having the luxury of not waking up early to commute for work during Circuit Breaker, that saves up a lot of time and money on transportation since main bulk of my transportation fee is causes by travelling to work.

I will definitely miss waking up later and yet still on time for working from home during the Circuit Breaker. Most importantly, I miss saving up money!


#9 – Sleeping time

Let me tell you a secret – I have difficulties in sleeping at night.

At times, all it takes was just a moment to fall asleep. If not, all the scrolling of social media platforms still does not help me to sleep at all. During the Circuit Breaker period, I tend to sleep at 2+am whereas the pre-Circuit breaker was 1+am. 1 hour makes a huge difference though in my energy.

I will miss sleeping in late since I had to wake up earlier to commute if work resumes to office setting. Time to re-adjust my sleeping time before it gets too late!


#10 – Personal time

personal time

I was surprised that it wasn’t a huge adjustment for me to be staying at home during the Circuit Breaker period though I spent most of my time dining out with friends after work. During the Circuit Breaker, I have the “me time” to even have time to learn new skills, watch free plays, tried cooking and new workout routines. Though the enthusiasm died off real fast, I will miss the time where I am able to just simply enjoy the moment with myself.


#11 – Family time

family time

CeleBREAD for Mother’s Day!

It is impossible to go anywhere for any possible meet up with anyone. Hence, being at home means more time with family. As much as I would like to say that I did enjoy the time at home with family, it is not always smooth sailing to be at home during Circuit Breaker. More unnecessary conflicts arise when I used to be out of the house so often. I am pretty much drained at home all the times.

One thing that I learnt will be being patience with my family members. Through the conflicts, it helps me to be able to see clearly how I view myself and family. Imperfect as they are and pretty easy to get on my nerves given my temper, but I am still glad to have some time with them even to be simply watching tv or having meals together. Perhaps, this will not be often once all the measures are lightened, I will miss the extended time with family.

Life will never be the same when the Circuit Breaker ends. This is the new norm that we will have to embark on and to learn to care for our own community by taking up personal responsibility for our own actions.

What are the things that you will miss of the Circuit Breaker period? Comment below and share with us!