2019 – the last year before a decade come into place.

How has 2019 been treating you thus far?

Let’s recap on how has 2019 been treating the Campus and Youth Team in SNCF!


guerilla marketing jan 2019

We had our very first Campus School Outreach – Back to School Campaign to welcome the students for a new fresh year. Free notebooks were given as we raised awareness about the co-operative movement in Singapore. Selected students who also wrote meaningful new year resolution won a Starbucks Gift card too.

We are thankful for the following schools who gave us the privileged access to be a blessing to their students:

Temasek Secondary School
Bendemeer Secondary School
Marsiling Secondary School
Peicai Secondary School
Yuhua Secondary School
Bukit Panjang Government High School
CHIJ Katong Convent
Crest Secondary School

We are also grateful to the 3 CHIJ Katong Convent’s student interns who had contributed to the following articles for this Welcome Back to School Series. Check out their links below:

1. 6 Tips To Freshen Up Your School Life in 2019
2. 9 Items To Survive School Life
3. Learning Is A Journey
4. Do You Know What is Selective Elective?
5. The 5 Secrets To Success (Students Edition)
6. How Do You Enjoy Your Weekend?
7. How Was It Like To Be A Sec 3 Work Attachment Students in SNCF?

Stay tuned for January 2020 where we continue the outreach to campuses!



sncf cooperative scholarship scholars with a heart

Do you know that the Campus and Youth Team goes around the campus to share about our SNCF Co-operative Scholarship?

Spot our iconic Scholar with a heart standee the next time if you spot us in your campus!

Our scholarship has also just begun its application:

Application Dates:

Start: 2nd Dec 2019

End: 15th Mar 2020

Find out more at our scholarship site.



scoop trail 2019

Marching into the happening!

SCOOP Trail 2019 in its 5th edition, is an escape themed-based co-operative amazing race, organised by Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF), in partnership with The Escape Artist (TEA) & *SCAPE and NTUC Learning Hub. SCOOP Trail 2019 is also sponsored by 100PLUS SingaporeThe TuckshopPurnama OutreachBeard Papa’sYa Kun Kaya ToastMononos Pte Ltd and NTUC FairPrice Co-operative Pte Ltd.

This year, the race revolves around the escape theme with an added element of mystery and adventure. Participants had to obtain 5 magical jewels and complete the “Co-op’s Braces” in order to bring back half the universe that was turned to dust and win the race. Participants will set out to find 6 different locations by decoding 6 different puzzles. At each location, participants will solve puzzles, answer co-operative based trivia questions and do their social media task.

Thank you for participating in SCOOP Trail for the past 5 years! We hope that through the amazing race, participants get to know that co-operatives are always around you, providing you from the basic needs to ageing care.



community outreach programme

Community Outreach Programme where we bring cheers to the seniors in our affiliates (NTUC Health and SASCO). Started since 2015, Campus and Youth team managed to bring schools who shown their unwavering continuous support to the affiliates through bringing their many batches of students to interact with their seniors.

In the month of April where we have the opportunity to have St Andrews’ Junior College where we partnered with their annual Serving Learning Day to bring the students to interact with the seniors at some of the selected NTUC Health’s Senior Day Care Centres. Do you have the heart for the community? Come volunteer with our affiliates!



Learning Journey

Thankful that the Education, Career and Guidance department in schools has been actively sourcing for partners to expose the different industries to the students. This exposure allows the students to trigger their thoughts of what they want to do in their next education pathway after graduating from secondary school.

Even if the Learning Journey does not trigger their thoughts, we have customised through pertaining to the subject of interest too! For example, Economics, where we bring the students to know about the economy of scales through bulk purchase which can save costs for businesses and individuals!


Junejune holidays school out holidays in

Holidays for the students means holidays for the team too! (kidding~~)
We continue to refine our materials and have students coming in for their work attachment programme too!



coop club activities

Check out the students learning in a group as they brainstorm and execute their business.

One of our main works in Campus and Youth Team is to inculcate the co-operative values and entrepreneurship skills to the students. Hence, Coop Club was birth to inspire students to have their hand-on experience to run a business! Keen to learn about business in a co-operative in a school setting?  Contact us at sncf@sncf.org.sg.



public and ihl campus awareness sharing

Other than celebrating the birth of Singapore, we continue to raise awareness to the public (adults) and Institute of Higher Learning (Polytechnics, ITE, Universities) to inspire the youth to turn their business ideas into reality!



sncf talent pool programme

SNCF turns 39 years old this year of being the apex body of the co-operative movement in Singapore as we promote and develop co-operatives to address the social and economic needs.

We definitely cannot do it without the youth for they are our next generation! Therefore, we are proud to share with you that as we launch our Talent Pools Programme to strengthen our engagement with the youth who are interested to know more about how they can contribute to the movement!



SNCF heads with Mdm Halimah president

We had our last pop-art event where we invite our President, Mdm Halimah Yacob to grace our event!

SNCF Bicentennial Pop-Art Event, “Coming Together As One Through Art”, showcases the impact people can create when they band together towards a common goal. The artistic installation will leave you pondering on the societal issues of yesteryear which are still pertinent today.

The year-long series of pop-art events – which started with Credit Co-operativesService Co-operatives and then NTUC Co-operatives – will end with a finale, themed Better Together, that takes you on a journey through the Singapore Co-operative Movement from the 1900s to present.

silver horizon performing

Have you been to our Pop-Art Installation before? Leave a comment below and share with us 🙂



greendale sec sch work attachment

We welcomed 13 Secondary School students from 4 different schools to our SNCF Students Work Attachment Programme where they have to come up with a business plan through the identifying of a particular social need during their short stint. To round up their learning, they have to make a presentation to the team as well as the Marketing team too.

Looking forward to the new series coming up in SCOOP Portal as some of the students who have come for the Students Work Attachment Programme contribute their thoughts through the content creation!



Creathon briefing

Creathon 2020 is sealed with briefing the budding co-operators for them to know what they are in for and what they should do as they prepare for their competition from 18 to 19 January 2020!

Check out on the useful articles which were written to aid for the competition:

  1. What Are Co-operatives?
  2. Do You Know What Are Social Issues?
  3. 6 Ways To Brainstorm For Business Ideas
  4. How To Write A Business Plan?
  5. 5 Tips On Pitching A Business Idea

I am so excited for 2020 to come even though 2019 has been a fruitful year for the team! As you recalled all the happenings in 2019, may you be reminded that there is always a reason to be thankful for! Count your blessing, not what you are missing! How has 2019 been for you then?