All In! Young Writers Festival is an annual festival for aspiring writers between the ages of 13 and 25. It brings together a wide array of publishing, creative writing, theatre and journalism, to meet and share their expertise with today’s young content creators. This year’s edition was held from 10 to 12 March 2017 at SCAPE treetop.

We were fortunate to have Ryan from Hubbabubbas and Jennifer Anne Champion, editor for and Jed from SNCF share about the need to collaborate with other people to succeed and the struggles and difficulties faced in the creative industry. We were in luck as we were able to witness Ryan singing a song and Jennifer reciting a poem!




Ryan performing a song from his album

Ryan started off by raising the importance of working together with his band members to create music. He also mentioned the need for trust between the band members in order to work perfectly in sync with each other. Jennifer emphasized on the need for clear communication between writers, publishers and editors to produce quality work.




Jennifer sharing about the importance of collaborating with publishers and editors

Eventually, they moved on to talk about the struggles and difficulties faced as individuals in the creative industry. Considering Singapore’s obsession with the STEM industries, it was no surprised that they mentioned the stigma faced from family and friends when they told them that they aspired to enter the creative industry. Besides this, they also faced difficulties such as problem sourcing for performance opportunities, delayed payment, lack of proper training and avenue to express their concerns regarding the creative industry.




Ryan sharing about the struggles of a musician

Therefore, Jed mentioned the possibility of setting up a co-operative for the creative industry to address the social needs of people. For example, the co-operative can provide a network and match aspiring musicians/writers with producers/publishers. A credible organisation such as  a co-operative would also be more convincing when chasing delayed payment.  At the same time, industry veterans can be hired to teach the aspiring writers/producers.  Perhaps most important of all, the presence of a co-operative would provide the space for individuals to be connect with like-minded people and provide a platform to form a louder voice for their concerns to be addressed.




Jed sharing with the public about co-operatives

The session shows the many advantages of the formation of co-operatives in the creative industry. The formation of a co-operative would help content creator to be self sustainable and address their needs. We look forward to the day where co-operatives in the creative industry are prevalent in Singapore!