Going to competitions isn’t a tough thing to do. You may join the competition for fun. Ultimately, with the end goal in mind to win the medal (marathon) and cash prizes (the rest of competition).

In every event, participants are the main characters which contribute to the success of the event. What kind of participants will you see at SCOOP Trail if you join? Read on to see if you are one of the types too!

#1. The one who is prepared

The one who raised his or her hands when the organiser asked if any of the participants have heard about co-operative during the event briefing.

He or she is the one who initiated in the group chat to read up on http://scoop.coop or http://sncf.coop for more details to be ready for the trail.

Looking through all the possible information on Co-operatives offline and online

No matter how Kiasu (afraid to lose out) we think about them, we have to give it to them for taking learning seriously and purposefully.

#2. The one for the win

Chiong ah” is all that they think of when the flag off starts.
Chiong an attitude of wanting to do better will drive them to find a breakthrough in solving the physical and social media tasks no matter how difficult it might seem to be.

They will not be beaten down by the unsolvable tasks nor stop encouraging their teammates to persevere on. Being a goal getter, they are clear with their final destination! Hence, they are the problem solvers!

Sometime, they might be perceived as reckless risk taker because they are game to try out suggestions given to them to reach to the next station. However, if you think through, they are acually calculated risk takers who know what they are in for and what kind of sacrifice they are to make in the trail.

Are you the one for the win?

#3. The one for the gram

Pride themselves as social media savvy people, they long to be key opinion leaders and influencers (kidding).

Credit: kennethyapper
Ask them which is the best app for photo collages.
Credit: danial.infront
They are able to come up with creative content, caption and hashtag!

They are constantly on the phone, telling you how many likes, comments and shares of each station have garnered during the trail. That is very important as each post will stand a chance to win the $100 Social Media prizes for the trail.

Be creative and free with the confidence of what you do and post during for the physical and social activities.

With the three types of participants you will meet at SCOOP Trail, are you ready to face them off at SCOOP Trail 2019?

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