As YOCO Camp has come to the end, here is a throwback of what SNCF has done to prepare the heroes before they went into action!

Learning Journey to Shopback

In order to prep the Heroes from various secondary schools who will be participating in YOCO Camp 2017 on 1st & 2nd of November, SNCF has collaborated with Shopback for them to share about their digital marketing strategies that has helped them grow to where they are today.

We are so glad to see our Heroes taking their time off for the Learning Journey. Let us share with you the Learning Journey to Shopback now!

Introducing SNCF

Ms Germaine Chan, our relationship manager from the Campus and Youth team, doing the opening speech, introducing SNCF and sharing on what is a co-operative & about YOCO Camp mission kit.









Introducing Shopback

Here we have Ms Samantha Soh, one of the co-founders introducing Shopback.


Did you know, it was just 3 years ago in 2014 since Shopback started? They have grown from a team of only 3 to approximately a total of 130 employees now across 6 countries! They have expanded from Singapore to countries such as Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Philippines. Well done Shopback!

Change is critical in this digital world. Samantha have also shared about Elon Musk, a man who believes people can go to mars to live there. He had zero knowledge on rockets but chose to create one. In the video, it shows a series of exploding rockets. However, that didn’t stop Elon Musk! Instead he kept trying and trying and finally, at the end of the video shows a successful rocket landing. Bravo!



What kept him going was grit and passion. Moral of the story? Never stop trying until you succeed! Easier said than done, but with determination comes success.

Samantha also shared some values that have contributed to the success of Shopback and to where they are today:

1st value: Commitment. They actually worked off work hours voluntarily to brainstorm and come up with more ideas for Shopback. Fun fact, their platform was launched at midnight!

2nd value: Giving up comfort. Most people starts small. As for them, they shared that in the beginning there wasn’t a proper place for them to work in and hence they work wherever they could. On the bed, on the sofa etc. which can be quite uncomfortable! But ta-da! With all the hard work in the beginning, they now have such an amazing workspace to fit 90+ people.

3rd value: DIY mentality. Samantha also mentioned that they love ideas and creativity and would always come together to contribute their part.

Fun fact: The chairs and tables in office are built by them!

Apparently, it is not all about work! They do exercise sessions & yoga sessions etc. for themselves to have fun, relax and bond!

Sharing of Digital marketing by Shopback

Next will be Mel from Shopback. She is always travelling as she is based overseas, and it is pretty rare to see her around in Singapore! Her tasks includes travelling down to help & train overseas employees and market Shopback overseas.


Here are some digital marketing strategies Shopback used:

Social media: Easy & cheap, they shared that they use Facebook & Instagram to promote themselves and share stuffs with their consumers.



Viral marketing video: The whisper challenge Shopback Edition:

This is to generate indirect sales and also to get more people exposed to Shopback by enticing them with a free gift just by sharing the video, like Shopback’s Facebook page and comment on why they would want to win.

One of our Heroes asked: How did The Whisper Challenge: Shopback Edition happen?

Answer is, they have a very strong content team, helping to spot and gather trending topics and relate to product!



Influencers: Easy to engage, however can be quite expensive as you are paying for their services. Shopback engaged Singapore’s top influencers such as Xia Xue, Nicole Choo & Tosh Rock to share about Shopback’s promotion.








Community building: Shopback used Facebook to share discount code etc. and to build a community there. They mentioned that it is a cost-effective way but not easy to get people to love your brand and post content about your brand easily.

Paid ads: They have also utilised paid ads to market themselves. Paid ads are advertisements you usually see at the right side of Facebook. It can be quite expensive!

An example:


Shopback Office Tour

Samantha and Mel bringing the Heroes for an office tour around Shopback:

shopback-pantry shopback-pantry2








The most popular area, the pantry area where all the food and drinks are at. They are stocked up with Hello Panda, Twisties, Pretz, Green Tea, Redbull and so many more!!!!!

game-area game-area-2









Also the play area which includes soccer table and ping pong table!








Tour around the work area which they have around 130 employees.










Sam sharing the Polaroid pictures of all staffs including current ones and those who worked at Shopback before!








Lastly, their meeting rooms that are named after popular food/drinks of countries they ventured into! Teh Tarik (Malaysia), Jollibee (Phillipines), Xiao Long Bao (Hong Kong) etc. How creative!

Thank you Shopback for collaborating with us, we’re sure your contribution has made a huge difference and impact to the students