Have you heard about Creathon 2020?

Here are the 4 criteria which Creathon 2020 offers for every participant:


#1: Students in Secondary Schools / IHLs / Public 

Calling all Singaporeans and Singapore’s Permanent Residents!

Here is your chance to walk away with attractive prizes and start-up fund to set up co-operative in Singapore!


School Category:

Are you currently pursuing your secondary school education? Secondary 1 to 4 or Grade 7 to 12?
Yes, you are the right person to participate in our Creathon to learn how to craft our a legal co-operative business plan!

Open Category: 

(Age from 17 years old to 35 years old)

If you are students who are from Junior Colleges, Polytechnics, Institute of Technical Education and Universities, you are eligible to participate!


Public (17 years old to 35 years old)

Young work adults, we want your participation too!



#2: Interested in solving social needs 

Check out on the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nation:

17 sustainable development goals

If not, there are some social needs that are close to the heart of Singapore:

#1: Food wastage 

#2: Education

Stressful students? Slow learners? Lack of education pathway for Persons with Disabilities (PWD)?

#3: Elderly

Ageing population? Lack of social care for the elderly? Depression among the elderly?

#4: Employment

After every milestone of our educational lives, we will look for a job, be it part-time for those waiting for results or full-time job for those graduated from the tertiary institutions. But what about employment for PWD and elderly? They can contribute with their invaluable experiences too!



#3: Have a business idea to solve the socials needs

For every need, there is a solution!

Let’s show you some examples of locals and companies that go one step further to help our community:

Food wastage:

Rayner Loi who co-founded Good For Food along with his pals to reduce food wastage problem!


For slow learners

EQUAL-ARK Singapore develops social-emotional skills in youth and those with special needs, through experiential learning with therapy horses.

Education pathway for Personal with Disabilities (PWD)

Five Special Need Education Schools (APSN Delta Senior School, Grace Orchard School, Metta School, Minds Woodlands Gardens School and Pathlight School) have started vocational track which identifies students who are capable of post-school employment opportunities.


Social Care for elderly

NTUC Health which is a co-operative that provides a comprehensive and integrated suite of quality and affordable health and eldercare services to meet the growing needs of families and their dependents. Building on more than four decades of experience and expertise, NTUC Health is among the largest senior daycare, nursing home and home personal care providers in Singapore. It also offers other services for seniors such as an active ageing hub, senior activity centres, community support for vulnerable seniors, and a sheltered / senior group home.



Joan Bown Cafe, Uniqlo, Han’s and KFC are inclusive in their hiring process.


SilverForce is a social enterprise that matches the seniors who work from home or activity centre with Small-Medium Enterprises.


#4: Work well in teams


Let’s do a mini-survey to find out if you are able to work well in a team.

1st question: Do you like working in a team? 

2nd question: Do you prefer working on your own or in a team?

3rd question: Can you describe a time when you had to work in a team to complete a tough task?

4th question: Have you ever disagreed with your colleague or manager? How did you deal with it?

5th question: Do you make friends at work?

Even as you evaluate on your own, you can consider how you can contribute to the team even though you are good at working on your own too.

Remember ‘No man is an island’ – we are stronger together than we are alone.

Here you go, the 4 criteria to join Creathon. If you fit all the 4 criteria, it is time for you to hit the sign up button below to take action for your belief to improve the community!

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