SCOOP Trail has been on the race since 5 years ago.
From a typical game-based to tech-based amazing race, SCOOP Trail is moving with the wind of technology! The 5th edition will definitely blow your mind with the mystery involved.

If you are still considering if you should sign up for SCOOP Trail 2019, here are four reasons which will make you go for it!

#1. Know what co-operatives are

Co-operatives’ presence in Singapore

What are co-operatives? “Can eat a not?”

Co-operatives as regulated social enterprises have existed for 94 years!
Co-operatives do not just create social impact, but also economic impact where jobs are created for an inclusive community.

In every SCOOP Trail, participants will gain knowledge of co-operatives in Singapore through physical and social media tasks. Past participants are often amazed that they are actually surrounded by co-operatives where they benefited from their products and services unknowingly all these while.

Bonus: Are you one of the SNCF Co-operative Scholarship applicants this year? All the more you should participate in SCOOP Trail 2019 to gain your understanding of co-operative movement as you shine your knowledge about co-operatives to the panels of judges during the interview!

Don’t say we didn’t share tips!

#2. Mystery

Other than the physical and social media tasks, you can expect many unique team-based scenarios for participants to crack their brains and put their heads together to solve mystery within a set amount of time.

Love challenging yourself with adventure?
Want to see whether can your friends be good teammates during a stressful environment?

Come and participate in SCOOP Trail 2019!

#3. Win Cash Prizes

I am sure the objective of participating in any races is not just about the intrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation such as the cash prizes of $2,500, $1,500 and $700 for the top three team and 5 Social Media prizes worth $100 will also encourage the team to press on despite the gruelling tasks and survive under the hot sun for the entire Saturday.

#4. Surprise

Surprised by how much you can endure under the sun?
Stunned by how you can run around the island of Singapore without lunch?
Amazed by how you have persevered on this trail despite the upcoming tests?

Remember the strength that you have, you can do it!

A new art installation will be near the starting point (*SCAPE) for you be WOW-ed at!

Come with your camera or phone to take Instagram-worthy photos and stand a chance to win freebies as well as other prizes at the installation!

What are you waiting for?
Come on and click here to sign up for