Joining a CCA is one of the first things you hear when you start your university education. These student organizations span across a wide range of academic clubs and interests. So how exactly can joining a CCA helps in your future career or personal portfolio? Is it important to join a CCA in university? In this Uni Freshie Guide, we are here to share 4 reasons why you should join a CCA in University.

Study-Life Balance - CCA

  1. Study-Life Balance

Solely focusing on studies during your university days might not be the best way to ensure that you score all A’s for all for modules. Instead, taking a break and doing something in a CCA gives your brain a chance to recharge and helps you de-stress. Sharing this from personal experience, I have witnessed many of my friends who suffered burnout due to studies. It is always good to take a break and do something different to relax your mind and body. Joining a CCA wouldn’t take up too much of your time and in fact, there are CCAs where you can turn up as and when you wish to. For instance, in my first year of university, I joined Welfare Service Club where I was exposed to volunteering opportunities. Through these volunteering events, I was able to relieve stress by interacting with the various beneficiaries involved. Therefore, joining a CCA would definitely help you to achieve a study-life balance.

  1. Acquire Soft Skills

Communication and presentation skills are important in the working world. Most of the universities in Singapore are placing a strong emphasis on developing these soft skills among their students. Joining a CCA allow us to take up responsibilities where an individual get to plan, organize and execute big events. Through this experience, individual get to manage, communicate and present with various stakeholder. If you are someone who is shy to speak up within a group of people and wish to acquire or improve your soft skills, CCA is a perfect place to train and experimenting with these skills.

  1. Networking

CCA is a perfect platform for individuals to network with like-minded peers or even industry professionals working in the field that you are interested in. In today’s context, networking is important and can help you achieve your goals. Research has shown that networking with other peers helps to improve career opportunities. From my personal experience, I have attended various networking sessions organized by my CCA and I can say that these sessions were very fruitful as it helped me to gain insights on the industry and internship opportunities were also offered during the session. Who knows, your next job offer could be from someone you networked with during your CCA events.

  1. Gain Leadership Experience

Maybe you weren’t active in anything during your pre-university education. It’s always better late than never. If you’re looking to gain experience in working with others or planning events within a university club, joining a CCA can give you just that. Depending on the types of societies or clubs you are interested in, you can look forward to gain a ton of valuable experience. In today’s society, employers don’t only look at the grades. They are moving towards a holistic assessment of an individual and often want to see what you can offer besides your grades. The experience that you acquire through organizing a huge, on-campus event can be used in the real world beyond university. If you are looking for that ‘X-factor’ and extra experience that distinguishes you and your peers, joining a CCA and taking up leadership roles can do just that.


In summary, personally, I feel that CCA is a good platform to develop yourself holistically. Life is more than just grades, keeping yourself happy, surrounding yourself with friends and acquiring useful soft skills are equally important as your grades. I hope that you find this article useful. Feel free to comment if you have any additional questions. To read more about the different Uni Freshie Series, click here.


This article was written by How Jun Yao Jonathan, who is a first-year Business Undergraduate from Nanyang Technological University currently interning in SNCF, Marketing team. He is passionate about making a change in society and sees himself as a social entrepreneur in the near future.