Do you feel strongly about any prevalent social issues around you? Have you ever thought of coming up with a business solution to solve that issue?

How about considered starting a co-operative business, a sustainable social enterprise that focuses on both doing well and doing good? If so, Creathon 2021 might just be what you are looking for.

Creathon is a competition where teams compete to develop innovative solutions for social challenges. Creathon 2021 will be the second time this competition is being organised, after the successful completion of our first event earlier this year.

Here are 4 reasons why you should be excited to join Creathon 2021!


#1- New Category

Creathon 2020 saw the introduction of our two main categories, School (13-16 y.o.) and Open (17-35 y.o.).

Creathon 2021 will have a new addition, the Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) Category! The IHL Category will cater to students from IHLs aged 17 to 23. The new category presents an opportunity for the IHL students to compete amongst each other on a more level playing field. Apart from that, this new category will also allow for increased opportunity for networking amongst similarly aged and like-minded peers.

IHLs youth

Youth from the IHLs participated in the Open Category of Creathon 2020.


#2- New Format, More Guidance

Creathon 2021 will also see changes in the format of the competition. The previous edition was a 2-day competition held in a physical location. This time around, there will be three stages (Preliminary, Semis and Finals) and we will be moving the competition online!

Creathon 2021 format

Problem statements were also given to guide the participants if they do not have existing ideas which they can expand on. This is different from the previous Creathon where participants had to think of their own business ideas without any topic. That might be a challenge for those who are new to the business sphere yet having the enthusiasm to learn more about business!

problem statements for Creathon 2021

There will be mentors from the co-operative industry guiding them during their crafting of business plan before their final submission on 11 Dec 2020.

mentor creathon

Esther Wong from SNCF sharing with the School Category’s participants of their enquires on Creathon 2020.

Through the interaction with mentors, we aim to hope that the participants will have a better understanding of the formation of co-operative business.

The workshops lined up for the participants also help them to understand more about the journey of the social entrepreneurs and co-operators who found their social enterprises and co-operatives respectively. If you are keen to hear from the founders or representatives to sieve out your business ideas or even ask them questions to strengthen your own ideas, feel free to join the Zoom Call.

This, in contrast to the previous edition, having three stages will allow participants to be better prepared for their pitches as they will have more time in between each stage. Furthermore, after each stage, they can be assured to have higher quality feedback for their pitches. Moving the competition online can not only ensure socially responsible behavior in these precarious times, it can also free participants from the hassle of travelling to a physical location!


#3- Collaboration with

This time around, SNCF has also collaborated with, an online platform that allows users to design their business plan in a more structured and strategic manner. Participants of Creathon 2021 are able to use to prepare their plan, work in teams, and even share their idea with peers using

Perhaps the most attractive feature of all, provides users with business frameworks like the Business Model Canvas, SWOT analysis and BCG Matrix etc, where they can leverage on these frameworks to organize their thoughts and ideas more efficiently. As such, not only can participants design their business plans better, they are able to learn more about business frameworks too! logo


#4- Attractive Prizes

Last but not least, successful participants might be able to walk away with attractive prizes at the end of the competition.

(Secondary School Youth aged 13 – 17 as of 2021)
(Youth aged 17 – 23
as of 2021)
(Youth aged 17 – 35 as of 2021)
1st Prize:

2nd Prize:

3rd Prize:










The winners of the Open Category will also be able to get the opportunity to form their own co-operative with the help of SNCF! Exclusively, the 1st prize winner of the Open Category will receive a $10,000* seed funding to start up their business as a co-operative, which includes joining Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF) as an affiliate after the competition.

So, what are you waiting for? Come join us in this meaningful competition today by signing up at this link below!

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This article was written by Tok Yin Jie, who is a second-year Accountancy and Business Undergraduate from Nanyang Technological University currently interning in SNCF, Campus and Youth team. He is passionate about travelling and learning about new cultures. He hopes to be able to make a change in society in the future.