By now, every Singaporean should be familiar with festivals, carnivals and art installations such as the recent Singapore Night Festival.

Coming Together As One Through Art is not just any other installations, but one that touches on Singaporean’s favourite topic: money.

In particular, this pop-up by SNCF showcases the impact people can create when they band together towards a common goal. The artistic installation will leave you pondering on the societal issues of yesteryear which are still pertinent today.

Here are more reasons why you should pop by this particular installation!



You’ll never have enough of neon lights! Trust us when we say that this will be the boldest one yet, because. Just because.

It’s a “No Money No Talk” world. But fret not! The installation is FREE! 😀

Make sure you don’t miss the door inside the installation as well! Once entered, you’ll be transported into a different dimension with the ‘instagrammable’ infinity mirror.

Start snapping away, but most importantly, don’t forget to find the right “balance” *winks*


Yes, this installation focuses on money. But what has it got to do with co-operatives?

Of course it does! Did you know, the first co-operative in Singapore is a credit co-operative, formed in 1925?

This installation allows you to peek into the very reason why credit co-operatives were formed and are still relevant in today’s context. We’ve heard of loansharks burning houses down in the 80s. We still hear about it now.

Why not try to learn more about what alternative options you have when you require financial help? What’s more, being part of a co-operative means it can help you Do Well and Do Good.


I scream for ice-cream!!!

Since you’re there and have definitely snapped some ‘instagrammable’ shots, upload them onto your Facebook or Instagram and get a free local ice-cream! Over the weekends, SNCF will be giving out free local ice-cream to those who post photos at the installation. This is limited to the first 50 pax on Saturday and Sunday each, so hurry!

If you’ve missed this, you’ll still be entitled to other mystery gifts.

Oh, and if you’re creative enough, you’ll stand to win extra freebies at the end of this event! The 3 most creative posts with hashtag #coopsiol stand to walk away with $100 CAPITALAND VOUCHERS! (Don’t forget to set your account to public to be spotted!)


Weekend dates and movie nights in town? Drop by to experience the installation for yourself!

Conveniently located right outside Mandarin Gallery, along Orchard Road, you’ll definitely be seeing this eye-catching pop-up after your shopping and dates.

So come by and say HELLO!

Coming Together As One Through Art

Venue: Orchard Road, outside Mandarin Gallery
Date: 7 September – 30 September (exhibition closed on Mondays)
Time: 12pm – 9pm

More details at
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