Holidays are coming to an end and that means… poly is starting next week! Are you ready for your first semester in your new school? We can all agree that GPA is the most important element in your poly life. It will and can eventually decide your life after graduating. Be it entering a university or entering a chosen job industry, our GPA will be a crucial decider to our success.

With that, here are some 4 tips on how you can achieve a good GPA!

Tip #1: Late is late, on time is late, early is on time! 


Being present in class is the first step of getting a good GPA. It is important to have good attendance as it plays a fair percentage in your total grades (in most polys). Who does not like free grades right? It is very easy to secure this small percentage that will definitely help your GPA!

In my current school, Ngee Ann Poly, we have what I call “4 lives” and being 1 minute late will count as absent. In one semester, we are only given 4 chances to be absent without reason for each module. After finishing the 4 lives, we would then receive a warning letter for debarment from exams. It will not be a good experience being debarred from exams as you will lose almost half of your grades instantly. It is also a tedious process if you choose to appeal your debarment. So, avoid being absent as you will only lose out from your own learning! (of course, being absent with reason or MC is acceptable)

Tip #2: Participate in class actively

Most poly have at least 10% of your total grades appointed for “class participation” (that is what we call it in Ngee Ann). This 10% is basically grades for your attitude and behaviour in class. Participating, writing down notes, answering and asking questions. These are some of the things that teachers are always looking out for in students. This class participation grading will be the easiest 10% of your poly life, so secure it!

Furthermore, participating actively in class would definitely help you to understand the module better. Taking down notes or printing your notes and reading through beforehand would allow you to follow the class better and definitely help with your revisions later on.

Tip #3: Always start early


Assignments and exams have the highest percentage of your total grades. Therefore, always start early for every assignment and especially revision. Saving assignments to the last minute is never a good idea, you will end up with a stack of unfinished assignments that are due in a couple of days. Even if you manage to hand in all your assignments last minute, the quality of it will not be as good as compared to doing it early.

Revision starts from the lectures itself. By constantly writing down notes during lectures, you will eventually have a “cheat” sheet by the end of the semester just right before your exams. In my own experience, revising just days before the exams is not optimal and sufficient enough to absorb months’ worth of lessons. So, start revising early! Fun fact: Always attend the last lesson before exams, that is when teachers usually give exam tips 🙂

Tip #4: Consistency is key


Your GPA for the first semester will be the starting line of your poly life. Whether you would have to play catch up or simply maintain will be decided by your first GPA. Do no neglect the first semester and aim for the highest! It will make your life much easier. Getting a good grade and scoring in the first semester is the easiest therefore, you should really give it your absolute best in the first semester to keep your roll going for the following semesters. Being consistent will be the key to your success in poly. Every semester is important, as at the end of the day, your final GPA will be the accumulative of all 6 semesters in your poly life.

Here are the 4 tips that I hope will help you to achieve the GPA that you desire!

This article was brought to you by Erwin Pili Saysay who is currently interning in SNCF, Marketing team. He is in his 3rd year in Ngee Ann Polytechnic and is pursuing Business & Social Enterprise motivated by his passion to help others.