As a student, living on a student allowance may not be easy but it is possible. In this article, we will be sharing 4 ways to stretch your dollar as a student. Read on to find out how to be savvy with money and stretch your allowance by spending less and saving more!

1) Utilise your Student Card

Credit: NTUC Social Enterprise

Being a student gives you many practical benefits. You have probably heard about the student benefits when you first received your student card. Regardless of whether it is a movie ticket, lunch deals or shopping perks, students are in for a treat! Do you think $2 meals still exist in Singapore? Well, NTUC Foodfare Co-operative are making meals more affordable and accessible to different groups of people. Seniors, students and full time national servicemen can enjoy meals from as low as $2. Save up to $2.10 a meal by consuming your meal in either Kopitiam or NTUC Foodfare!

2) Prepare your own meals

Running out of options or getting sick of your school food? Why not cook your own meals and make yourself stand out from your classmates who are eating the same school food every single day. It might actually surprise you on how much you can save by cooking your own meals. 

Back in secondary school, I prepared my own meals from time to time. My personal record was a whole week! Yes, I prepared my own meals for a whole week and I manage to save over $50!. Check out how we zhng-ed a meal with NTUC FairPrice Co-operative under $20!

3) Shop Online

Convenience is the biggest advantage of online shopping. Being a frequent traveler, I often purchase my travel insurance online. We all know the amount of time needed to plan a trip. Buying our travel insurance online from NTUC Income allows me to free up time for other important stuff. What’s more? Getting cash back for your online purchases by paying through your debit/credit cards.

4) Go for Free Events

As students, we always wonder how and where we can spend our free time. Why not head down to free events that can entertain you and at the same time provide you photos fit for your Instagram! Singapore is currently commemorating its bicentennial year and there are many events that are free to attend. SNCF is also commemorating Singapore’s Bicentennial through a series of Pop-Art events that started last year, showcasing the 4 main sectors of co-operatives in Singapore – Credit, Service, NTUC and Campus. The latest Pop-Art event showcases the NTUC sector, filled with Instagrammable photo spots and fun activities. Check out some of the highlights here!

Did you catch our Stretch Your Dollar Challenge on our Instagram? Our interns teamed up and pit against each other to see who can stretch their dollar furthest. Watch our Instagram highlights to find out who won the challenge!

SNCF Bicentennial Pop-up Experience|
Where: Outside AMK Hub (Opposite AMK MRT)
When: 13 July  – 4 August 2019
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 3PM-10PM (Closed on every Monday)
Admission: FREE

More details at
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