The marketing landscape has changed so dramatically – from the times where there was no internet, to the times where businesses can leverage on social media platforms and search engines, we have sure come a long way! As we move into the digital era, our marketing strategies should also evolve to fit the current society.



Here are 5 tips to help you level up in your marketing game:

1. Search Engine Optimization

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Are you fascinated by how Google manages to find you exactly what you need when you search for something? Did you know that Google’s search results are ranked based on what the search engine considers the most useful and relevant to users?

In order for web pages to appear as the top search result, search engine optimization can be used to enhance your page!

To appear higher in the search rankings, your website can adopt these 2 factors:


Unique and accurate page titles


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Since Google uses the click through rate as a determinant for how relevant your site is for a specific keyword, unique keywords can be placed at the start of your title, and meta descriptions can also be placed in the title for more people to be enticed to click on your link!




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Backlinks are links to your website, and this gives an indication of how useful and popular your website is. The more backlinks there are, the more popular and relevant your website is. However, the other websites need to be from reputable sources and should also contain related contents, or the backlinks may cause your search ranking to be penalised.



2. Leverage on Social Media



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With newer social media features such as Facebook Live and Insta Story, social media contests are now more engaging than it has ever been! Live giveaways, polls, comment giveaways and more – businesses can use such features to engage social media users in real-time.

For instance, SNCF conducts contests where users simply have to snap a picture with a cooperative, and hashtag #thatsacoop, to win attractive prizes!

For cooperatives, social cause campaigns are also an amazing way for you to involve your audience, and to share about the social aspect of your business. Millennials are more involved with such movements than the generations before and such campaigns may attract them!


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For instance, you may have seen some of your friends posting photos upside down in the month of March, and that might be because of the campaign organized by Wildlife Reserve Singapore (WRS). WRS pledged $1 towards the conservation of endangered wildlife for every upside-down photo posted with hashtag #TogetherforWildlife, and it generated 12280 posts.

Sponsored Advertisements


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Apart from the contests, sponsored advertisements can also be used by tapping on tools such as Facebook and Instagram for Business. This method works best for new companies who want to gain awareness as it reaches out to a larger user base.



3. Target specific groups of audiences

For companies looking to target a specific group of audience, tapping on the more professional sites such as LinkedIn, may be more effective.

With LinkedIn, sponsored content can be used to reach out to a specific group of users who indicated their interest in a specific topic or industry. For instance, articles can be posted for these users to better understand your business or social cause.

Not only does this help you gain awareness, it also matches you to the right group of audience!



4. Crowdfunding platforms


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Crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter has gained popularity over the years. As its name suggest, Kickstarter is a tool to help kickstart your business! Kickstarter has attracted over five million contributors pledging close to $1 billion for 55,000 projects.

New startups or cooperatives can tap on such platforms to raise more funds, but, the usage of Kickstarter extends beyond the monetary benefits. For certain companies or brands, the feedbacks from backers helped the company improve on its products and services to better cater to the market. Posting on such sites also help the company to gain greater awareness and potential consumer base, and the buzz generated from the campaign opens doors to partnerships with stakeholders such as retailers and distributors as well.



5. Maintain relationships through email marketing


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Apart from garnering awareness, it is also important for companies to maintain the relationships built.

You don’t want to lose these consumers after all the hard work!

Newsletters, promotions, and updates, can be sent periodically to remind viewers of your brand, potentially converting them into loyal consumers. For instance, SNCF sends out the Co-operator Newsletter to keep readers informed about Singapore’s cooperative scene!


Now, you can explore the endless possibilities to digitalise your business! Have fun!



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