Finding the perfect place to study or complete assignments in school can be tough. Where can you find the printers? Charging outlets? What about air conditioned areas? Will it be too noisy to concentrate on your work? 

In this article, I will be compiling all of the best study spots in Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) and the pros and cons of each area. Let’s get started!

1. Ourspace@72


Ourspace@72 is a cozy, air conditioned area in Block 72 that is equipped with printers, study rooms, vending machines and charging outlets in some areas. The printer shop also offers binding services for your hardcopy assignments. Each A4 Black and White print only costs $0.045 and payment is made via your EZ-Link or Flashpay card.

There may also be student-run cafes open during your time of visit, such as past cafes like “Say Yas” which sold affordable açaí bowls and smoothies. I used to buy an açaí bowl every week from Say Yas, as their açaí was cheaper than the other shops outside of school! These student-run cafes will change every few months, bringing new and exciting food straight to you!

ourpsace72_sayyas_np_study_areaSource: Say Yas

Additionally, there are bean bags in Ourspace@72! Nothing beats a comfortable and cooling environment to stay focused on your work.

ourspace72_tables_np_study_areaSource: Foursquare

I personally would not do group work or serious studying at Ourspace@72 as it can get noisy during peak break hours. However, I do like visiting this study area to grab a quick snack or do some simple work before my next lecture!

2. Block 51

51_np_study_areaSource: DP Architects

This is my favourite study area to do project work in NP. It is right outside all of my lecture classrooms, and there are tables for studying on most levels of the building. Together with the multiple charging outlets at every table, this study area is perfect for both studying and group discussions. There are also fans facing every direction, and ample table and bench space for all project mates. Water Coolers and toilets are very accessible, as they are just around the corner of the study areas on every level.

Although this area is not air conditioned, the open concept welcomes natural winds that make it not too humid. 

For students under the school of Humanities and Social Sciences, this is a must-know as it is the nearest study space to most of our classes!

The food court Makan Place is also at the second level of Block 51, which is great for mid-work snacks. I often takeaway my lunch from Makan Place, then head up to the study area to eat while doing work. The Ma La Xiang Guo and Chicken Fuyong are 2 of the more popular dishes at Makan Place, and the latter truly lives up to its reputation!

blk51_mkp_chickenfuyong_np_study_areaSource: The Straits Times

At only $3.30, this plate of Chicken Fuyong comes with a fried omelette, rice, soup and the delicious pieces of fried chicken. This dish is a hot favourite among all NP students, myself included!

3. Block 22

blk22_np_study_areaSource: Vspec

Block 22 has a variety of different study spaces, all of which are located on the 4th level of the building. This air conditioned area has many discussion rooms, which are equipped with televisions which come in handy when rehearsing for presentations. With a food court – Food Club, on the first level, mid-study snacks are very accessible here. There are waffles, ice cream, frozen yoghurt, and other full meals like nasi padang, bak kut teh, and ma la xiang guo available at Food Club!

ngee-ann-polytechnic-food-club-mala-1.jpgSource: Seth Lui

blk22_foodclub_np_study_areaSource: Food Canopy

There are many tables, chairs and sofas in this study area, and all rooms have multiple charging outlets. Block 22’s facilities were extremely helpful to me during the peak presentation periods. The area is relatively quiet, which makes it perfect for rehearsing for presentations! My project group and I would book a room a few days prior to the presentation date, discuss and complete our slidedeck, then project the slides onto the television screen and do a rehearsal of the presentation. The television helped us prepare for the presentations as it simulated a real projector screen. 

Block 22’s discussion rooms are relatively easy to book, since there are many rooms available for use. I usually book the rooms 1 day in advance or on the morning of the day that I intend to use the room. One thing to note about these discussion rooms is that the walls are thin, since there is no sound-proofing. Hence, other students’ discussions may be heard across different rooms. Nonetheless, for casual presentation rehearsals, I still find the discussion rooms useful and comfortable!

The discussion rooms have to be pre-booked here (Student – POD) before use. 

TIP!: Book as early as possible, the discussion rooms get snatched up very quickly.

4. Atrium at Block 1


At the Atrium located at Block 1, it is an open space study area with levels of seating separated by green plants. If your eyes get tired after staring at your computer for hours, the greenery will be able to give your sore eyes a rest! According to Healthline, there is a 20-20-20 rule which states that for every 20 minutes spent using a screen, you should look away at something that is 20 feet away from you, for 20 seconds. Take the time to relax and enjoy the greenery!

The Atrium has multiple charging outlets at each table and fans above certain areas and tables. It is also right below the Lien Ying Chow Library, hence students would study at the Atrium if there are no more empty seats in the library. I also choose to study at the Atrium instead of the library most of the time, since food and drinks are not allowed in the library’s upper levels. At the Atrium, there are water coolers and vending machines selling hot sandwiches and bottled drinks. There is also a nearby eatery  called D-Kluang Cafe & Bistro, which sells coffeeshop staples like kaya toast and coffee. If you are rushing for time, grab a quick snack at the vending machines or D-Kluang as you head to class! 

blk1_atrium_dkluang_np_study_areaSource: Food Advisor

The Atrium can be quite hot as the fans are not placed above each table, and airflow is blocked by the building. However, if you were not able to get a spot below a fan, do not worry! The next study area on the list is sure to cool you off.

5. Lien Ying Chow Library at Block 1


NP’s Library has 4 facilities that students can use to study; Bloomberg PCs, iSpace and Smart Cube. The Bloomberg PCs are often used by students for research or to play video games. The iSpace and Smart Cube are often used to rehearse presentations and discuss group work. The Smart Cube is equipped with a writable wall, table and a television ​​projector. This supports group learning and discussion among students. Similar to Block 22’s discussion rooms, I have also used the library’s Smart Cube to rehearse for presentations. The library’s Smart Cube rooms are even quieter than Block 22’s discussion rooms, thus making it even more conducive for presentation rehearsals!

blk1_library_smartcube_np_study_areaSource: Ngee Ann Polytechnic

There is also an Each-a-Cup on the first level of the library, which I always patronize with my friends. Nothing beats having a cup of ice cold bubble tea to accompany your study session! 


However, as the library is intended to be a place of serious and quiet studying, food and drinks are prohibited past the Each-a-Cup seating area. Do not try to work your way around this rule! I have been caught sneaking my bubble tea into a Smart Cube room before, oops!

All library facilities have to be pre-booked here (Library Resources) before use.

TIP!: Book as early as possible, the facilities get snatched up very quickly.


Have you found the perfect study areas that suit your needs? Let us know which is your favorite area in NP! I might even bump into some of you at these study spots, so see you around!

This article is brought to you by Loh Jae Yee. Jae Yee is a third-year student in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. She is currently interning with SNCF from March 2021 to August 2021. She is also constantly experimenting with fashion and making her own clothes and jewelry.