Going to school is no longer just about getting that GPA or excelling in sports but another aspect of school that has trended over the years is fashion. Trust us when we say that the styles across the spectrum range in Universities.

From the ultimate trendsetters to the lupsup-until-people-also-bochap, we got it all covered. You no longer have to just search online for fashion ideas, because hey, the next fashionista could be right beside you now!

So in this final Uni Freshie Guide (yes we have come to the end 🙁 ), we are going to share with you some tips to suit your “I don’t care” and “I feel good” days!

  1. The Trend-Setters

These are the people you should look for the latest fashion in town and they are usually from the Design School. From the newest brand to the trendiest hair colour, please pay attention to these humans!

They are the ones who can pull off literally everything and anything – from neon green jackets to the afro hairstyle. Literally. Hands. Down. Not to forget that half of this look is to actually also have a really “too cool for you” kind of vibe.

For Guys

PROPS. Grab your nearest ofo bike or anything you can find to add that design factor in.

The trend-setters are the ones who can look good even though they are having a bad hair day – they can certainly look good with a bike.

Wear your bomber jacket, trench coats, graphic-designed tops or quirky shoes. Don’t go with the norm!

 For Girls













Alternatively, if you feel like you need to save your style and feed on Instagram, find the nearest fire hosereel to match your firefighter pants.

Their everyday look is like a fashion show for you in school and can make your tutorial tables and chairs look like as though they are on a Vogue photoshoot. If not, grab your shades to pull back your bed-hair or maybe, not let the prof catch you sleeping in class!

Start off your fashion statement by wearing brighter coloured/patterned clothes, that would definitely catch the eyes of those around you!

  1. The Next MP

Looking as though they are always ready to slay every presentation or prepared to discuss politics, they are usually the intense, chanting-outside-the-classroom, business students.

As an unspoken rule for business students, it is common to find them dressed in their well-fitted suits. TBH, some of their suits are so neatly pressed, you could possibly get “cut” by it.

For Guys

For guys, it is really important that when it comes to wearing formal, you have to look smart. That means, no baggy pants or loose ties (you’re not setting trends here). Polish your shoes and match your tie’s colour with your suit’s.

Remember that your shirt have to be longer than your blazer’s sleeves. You will know that they are the right length if it doesn’t cover your shirt’s cuffs, basically leave an inch apart between both.

Don’t wear overly-tapered pants either! You wouldn’t want to look like you got chicken legs. Other than that, just be confident about yourself and you are ready for the business world.

For Girls

The girls have more options when it comes to formal wear. You can wear a dress, skirt or pants for your formal wear. But be very selective and careful when it comes to deciding what to wear because it depends on the occasion or the culture of your business/future company.














Pop on some heels to compliment your whole look. Not only does heels help make your legs look longer but it also helps to make you look more business professional. If you are not so comfortable with heels, then covered flats also work well too!

  1. The I-Don’t-Care-Lupsups

A very common style for those who live near school or those who live on campus. To save time to prepare for school, they just pick out any random shirt in their wardrobe that is most probably school-related.

They are also the ones who are more likely to be athletes because guys, no one knows better than them on how tough it is to balance both in uni.

So it is either their faculty, hall if not it’ll be their CCAs simply because these are the easiest to wash and fold. Especially when it comes to the reality of doing your own laundry, you want to do nothing with clothes that require you to iron.

They could also possibly be having a relationship with their slippers too.. But you know, 开心就好. They happy can already 🙂

  1. The Ones-Who-Bother 

These people are always ready for any occasion regardless of their dressing. You want to go town? Sure! They will not step out of their halls or homes without dressing up because what else can they do with their wardrobe full of clothes?

One of the things that you can do to be like them is to wear accessories! A necklace and watch for the girls or even a cap for the guys to finish up that look.

As students who are most likely on a budget, you can check out Bugis Street or The Editor’s Market if you are looking for better quality clothes.

Or you can fly down to BKK to get that romper for only $4. What a steal!

  1. Themed Outfits

 One of the real fun things that some of the schools in uni do, like the Wee Kim Wee School of Communications in NTU, is having themed outfits! You might have come across these on The Smart Local’s Instagram account or their hashtag #tslteamthemedthursdays.

So here’s our SNCF interns own rendition of themed outfits!


 With Singapore’s permanent sunny weather, how can we miss out an outfit for the summer? It’s the uni summer holidays till Aug, we are all ready for the sand and sun!

For Guys

Get ready your beach shorts, slippers and shades. Prepare your beach bods. But don’t be too sad if you get rejected, you’ll still get a thumbs up for looking good 😀

For Girls

The girls have it much easier when it comes to summer wear because anything bright/floral/palm trees related already gives you the summer feels! Once in a while, it is nice to dress up differently from your usual style.


The choice of our next theme lies in the colours and prints. As most of us would know, fashion from the past are actually making their comebacks such as the ripped denim jeans from the ‘80s (which gets quite extreme these days) and candy-coloured aviators from the ‘00s.

We are bringing the boogie back to you and showing you how prints on clothes can actually make you look as cute as us! From the checkers to stripes, you’re going to look fabulous! That include the guys too.

And… here we are! We hope that you have gotten some tips on how you can dress up for school especially if you are stressing over what to wear each day. But at the end of the day, just be who you are and dress like how you want to dress!

We hope you have enjoyed this series and are all ready for uni life. Let us know in the comment box below if you want to see more of such series!