Opened on 6 August 2019, NTUC FairPrice Xtra @ Vivo City is the 8th outlet of NTUC FairPrice Xtra hypermarket which provides an extensive range of products and services globally, catering to the needs within the geographical area of where it is located.

I paid a visit the week after its’ opening and was in awe with the provision. Subsequently, I brought two schools on a Learning Journey to explore the beauty of NTUC FairPrice Xtra @ Vivo City on September and November 2019.

During the visits, I discovered 5 reasons why you should visit NTUC FairPrice Xtra @ Vivo City. Read on to find out more.

Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that all photos are taken during September and November 2019.

#1: Unique Features

Here is the breakdown of the unique features of NTUC FairPrice Xtra @ Vivo City:

#1.: Luggage

Luggage service is a strategic and vital provision for many are travelling to Harbourfront Centre for their overseas trip.

luggage service

NTUC FairPrice Xtra @ Vivo City has luggage service so that those who need new luggage at a last-minute call or any form of repairs required can utilize this service.


So, if you ever travel via Harbourfront Centre, pop by over to FairPrice Xtra @ Vivo City if you ever need travel essentials before leaving Singapore.


#1.1: International Food

Globalisation makes goods to accessible in the market.

You may ask what is the huge difference between a typical FairPrice store and at Vivo City since a typical store also have international food?

International foodbicycle front

The difference is that the international food is situated in one standalone sector with many different countries of food which mostly can only be found in their countries and not too many at other stores.


Hence, if you ever craved for some chips from overseas, you may want to consider to come down to Fairprice Xtra @ Vivo City for a treat.


#1.2: Bicycle

 Surrounded by parks and tourist attraction near Vivo City, it is no doubt bicycle service is provided to the residents here.

bicycle front

You can customise different parts of the bicycle from scratch. The bicycle which you are going to bring home will be uniquely yours, none will have the same version as you. Unless great mind thinks alike!

bicycle choices

Game on for an adventurous cycling experience? Look no further to FairPrice Xtra@ Vivo City for a customized version belongs solely to you.


#1.3: Nuts and Snacks

Being environmental conscious as a Singaporean requires effort as we do not practice it at home. But in this FairPrice Xtra @Vivo City helps you to take the first step as you purchase your own jar to contain the nuts and snacks that you want to purchase.

nuts and snacks

There is a saying: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Indeed, once we have consciously allowed our mind to be renewed to attune to the changes of bring your own containers or purchase a container to contain food products, a habit will be formed.

resusable jar

#1.4: Cut on demand

This is a service that you will never see before in other FairPrice’s outlets.

How do you approach the staff:

1. All you need to check out the fresh seafood area

fresh seafood

2. Choose those that you would like to bring home as part of your ingredients for a meal.

3. Give to the staff who will help you to cut them

cut on demand seafood

It is similar to the meat choices too. But you have to take note for the meat section, you have to search for label which allows them to help you to cut.

Even for vegetables, FairPrice Xtra @ Vivo City has pre-cut vegetable and cut-on-demand for you to choose from.

cut on demand veggies

There is no excuse for you not to plan a meal to cook at all with their service.

 #1.5: Grilled on demand

 After cutting the seafood and meat, you have another option to ask the staff to grill the food for you.

grilled on demand seafood

For the Grilled on demand to happen, you will need to find those meats which have the label “Grill on demand” in green, make your purchase and give it to the Kitchen for them to help you!

grilled on demand meat

Isn’t that amazing? You have fresh food cut and grilled for you!

#1.6: The Kitchen & Cafe 

The kitchen does not just provide grilling service for those who engaged them, they also have a café to provide bento and set meals for customers to dine in too.

kitchen front

Check out the kitchen area:

kitchen area

They even have power plug for those who dine in at the bar top area so that even if you are running out of battery, you can charge up a little. Don’t take advantage of it!

sitting area

Look at the delicious meat:

grilled meat

#1.7: Beer

For a non-drinker, it was an eye opening to see how craft beer was served using a bottom up beer dispenser for a price of less than $10.

beer demo 1

Now you can tell others that you drink and shop in a hypermarket in Singapore. Perhaps none will believe you, unless they have been to NTUC FairPrice Xtra @ Vivo City as only this FairPrice will provide this unique service.

beer demo 2

I am not promoting drinking for sure as you must be 18 years old and above in order to purchase the drink.

beer ready

#2: Supports Local Enterprises

What surprised me was the heart of NTUC FairPrice to show support to the local enterprises in Singapore. They provided them a place to share and promote their brands in this outlet as there are many tourists travelling via HarbourFront Centre. In this way, the local enterprises are able to showcase their brands to increase their visibility through items purchased.


#2.1: Souvenir

Vivo City being a strategic location for travellers, some might want to bring a piece of Singapore back home too to share with friends and loves ones who did not come.

Hence, NTUC FairPrice Xtra @ Vivo City partnered with local enterprises such as Naiise to have their products which represents the unique Singapore to the shelf. Other than keychains, plates, pillows, tote bag and more, food is a staple item too!

gift area

Kaya sauce, ready-made chicken curry paste, chilli crab paste, Bak Kwa and many more food are also situation at the souvenir areas for them to reminiscence Singapore once they are back home.

#2.2: Swee Heng

You may have seen bread section in all the various hypermarkets but have you seen bakery “live” in action in hypermarket?

swee heng bakery

So when I chance upon Swee Heng in the outlet, I was so thankful as I did not have any breakfast prior to one of the Learning Journeys.

See, you wont go hungry even as you shop in a hypermarket!


#2.3: Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee

I spotted a hipster counter which specialized in coffee and decided to pop by to take a look. Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee started out as a wholesaler which supply speciality coffee beans and coffee equipment to Food and Beverage outlets.Tiong Hoe shop front

As the curious customers begin to be attracted by the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee, they want to taste it! Hence, the birth of the hipster counter for customers to satify their curious taste bud on their coffee.

Check out the coffee!

Tiong Hoe Coffee

Barista hard at work to provide freshly brewed coffee for each customer.

Pouring coffee

#2.4: Comm Crop

Comm Crop is Singapore’s first urban rooftop farming firm which offers freshly grown vegetable within the outlet using a hydroponic farming system and automatic water pumping system. No pesticides or herbicides used!

comm crop overview

The best thing is that Comm Crop employs senior citizen and marginalized community for its harvesting, packing fresh produce and other farm activities where possible.

You can also purchase Comm Crop’s Cai Xin or lettuce to support their movement. All vegetables are home grown in Singapore.

people viewing comm crops veggie

Eat healthily and help someone in need, isn’t that a joy to both your heart and tummy?

comm crop veggie

#2.5: NTUC income 

Self-help, one of the Co-operatives values is being displayed as FairPrice also help a fellow Co-operator – NTUC Income’s Financial Consultants to have an open booth for them to engage potentials client who might want to be engaged to know more about financial matters.

ntuc income FCNursing Room

If you have seen them around in the outlet, you may want to give them a chance to hear from them if you are not rushing for time.

#2.6: Pet Lovers Centre

NTUC FairPrice Xtra @ Vivo City partnered with Pet Lovers Centre to have an express corner where customers can pick up pet food in this outlet at their convenience top up their pet care essentials rather than making a special trip to one of their Pet Lovers Centre’s outlets.


#2.7: Unity

One of the biggest stores out of the 60 outlets in Singapore, Unity Pharmacy’s mission is to moderate the cost of healthcare in Singapore through quality products and services at affordable prices.


There are trained pharmacists who provide professional advice to support the needs of the community in the outlet too.

Feel free to approach the friendly staff and Pharmacist for advice if necessary.


#3: Family Friendly’s Environment

#3.1: BBQ

Fancy a bonding time with your friends and loved one?

You will not be afraid if you cannot book a BBQ Pit in the park because you can buy the BBQ Pit from NTUC FairPrice Xtra@ Vivo City to barbeque at home.

This section has an extensive ranges BBQ product which customers might need it. After all, you are at a hypermarket, you can consider to purchase the BBQ food thereafter.

One stone kills two bird indeed.


#3.2: Nursing Room

WOW – this word is the first word uttered by the participants of the Learning Journey as they never imagine to have a nursing room in a hypermarket. There is an iPad inside for the parent to shop for the necessity while nursing the child.

Nursing Room

#3.3: Castle Play area

Having a mini – playground in the supermarket might put the parents at ease while they shopped for the essentials. Not only the children will enjoy the interacting game on TV, the teens too.

Just look at the boys:

play area

#3.4: Ice Cream truck

Instagram-worthy ice cream truck is here for you to take your Outfit of the Day.

Other than taking photo, you may peek into the fridge and take a look at ice cream brands such as Lotte, Kochi Ice, Ben and Jerry and more to bring them home for indulgence.

#4: Youth’s essentials

When you think of hypermarket, it is mainly associate with the mature crowd. Youth often frequent hypermarket for tidbits and convenience food. Hence, NTUC FairPrice Xtra @ Vivo City has a way to attract the crowd through knowing their stomach.

#4.1: Bubble Tea

How interesting that as I am typing this article during Circuit Breaker (by the time you read this, I hope we are not in Circuit Breaker), Bubble Tea is one of the essential during this period.

Spot R&B Bubble Tea when you are there.

R&B Bubble Tea

You might see queue too, not just from the youth.


#4.2: Claw Machine

When you see youth, you will see the many claw machines surrounding them. The competitiveness in them to get the soft toys or items inside the machine make them stay for at least 15 minutes to hours depending on the desire.

claw machines

The claw machine is not just a drive to have more people staying in a hypermarket, but it also promotes family bonding too.

claw machine family bonding


#5: Technology

In this 21st century, technology is an integration to our lives instead of something new when it was first introduced. Most of us have access to Internet and mobile phone. With both of this in hand, one can be entertained for hours and even days.

It is not a strange scene to see self-check out machines in a hypermarket, but what about the following?

#5.1: Endless Aisle

Leveraging on technology, endless aisles are introduced to NTUC FairPrice Xtra @ Vivo City and Funan IT Mall. During the two Learning Journeys, endless aisles are still implementing in store, hence it was used as advertisment for the outlet instead of the real function.

Endless aisle is not the same as the machine to check the price of an items in a typical hypermarket. It is an in-store kiosk which allow customers to browse and order products that are not available in the outlet. Customers can use these kiosks to check in advance of the stocks of their desired product before purchasing the items in this outlet too. Endless aisles provide customers a shopping experience of both online and offline ways.

endless aisle

When we were visiting, it was used as an advertisement board instead.

Have a try using the endless aisles when you pay a visit to NTUC FairPrice Xtra @ Vivo City.

#5.3: Robot

Meet Chloe, one of the automated robot cleaners which we met during the Learning Journey. She sweeps and mops the floor daily.

Chloe the robot cleaner

Take a photo with her as you made her pause for you. Be sure that you do not block her way because she will inform you to move away from her path so that she can do her job. How cute is that?

#5.2: Scan & Go

Scan & Go bypasses the self-service check-out machines and cashier queue as customers are able to make payment directly via the FairPrice app. It is already implemented, this picture is taken in Sep and Nov 2019! 

scan and go

If you do not have FairPrice app, you can tap onto NTUC FairPrice Xtra @ Vivo City’s wifi (“Freewifi@Fairprice”) to download it. Be sure to sign up after downloading the app.

With 6 simple steps, now you don’t have to wait in line to make your payment!

  1. Launch the FairPrice app. Download if you have not done so.
  2. Tap onto the Scan & Go icon on the top right-hand corner.
  3. Scan the Store QR code of the outlet to check in yourself of the location. You may find the Store QR Code displayed on poster at the entrance.
  4. Scan the desired items barcode to add them to cart.
  5. Pay in app via your cards.
  6. Scan your receipt or QR Code at the Scan & Go kiosk before you exit.

The staff will also do a random check before you leave. This is to ensure that you made the payment as well. If any customers were found not to scan your receipt before you exit the outlet for a certain number of times, you may find yourself unable to utilise Scan & Go app.

exit of fp vivo city

Self-responsibility is the key. Do not do something you will regret.

There are also other outlets which also have Scan & Go function.

I hope the 5 reasons why you should visit NTUC FairPrice Xtra @ Vivo City will get you curious to have your own shopping experience at this hypermarket. Share with me in the comment box below of your shopping experience if you have visited since its establishment.