5 more days to #Scooptrail2019. Hope that you are as excited as we are while we are preparing for the actual event to start.

Do you want to know how to win SCOOP Trail 2019? Read on to discover 5 secrets to win!

#1: Research what co-operatives in Singapore are

MRT station (checked), SCOOP Portal (Checked)

Just like running a marathon, you will take the time and discipline to train for it. Hence, no difference if you want to win at SCOOP Trail 2019.

Take some time to read up on co-operatives in Singapore, how they are found, what is their social mission, who are they serving and what kind of product and services are they contributing.

Visit: Voices of Youth to read up more!

#2: Solve mystery puzzles more at home

Escape GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Solving puzzle, one at a time.

As an escape-themed base amazing race this year, participants need to use more of their brain cells to crack more tough puzzles on top of the physical and social media tasks.

If you are a problem solver and able to come up with solutions fast, you will definitely enjoy SCOOP Trail 2019. There are many thought-provoking puzzles which were created by one of our key partners: The Escape Artist.

Do more sudoku and word puzzle or problem sum games, you are ready to go!

#3: Instagram savvy

Scroll your way to $2,500!

Any readers do not have Instagram account or do not use Instagram often?

If you do not have, time to get one and learn to use it because it will come handy for SCOOP Trail!

If you are a regular user of Instagram, you may make use of the features from Instagram coupled with your creative juice, you will definitely ACE the social media tasks.

So start thinking more creative ways and stand a chance to win the $100 Social Media prizes for the trail!

#4: Buay Pai Seh (Bold, daring, not shy)

Can you see how thick my skin is?

This is the most important secret of all!

You need to be bold to take a step out of your comfort zone to complete all the tasks, even how difficult or embarrassing you may think it is.

You need to be daring before you make every decision to decode your next destination. Because, if you make any wrong move and travel to the next destination, there will be no turning back. Time and tide wait for no man.

Buay pai seh is the way to go to win the trail!

#5: Exercise

You need discipline to run through the race!
Credit: Image by Jed

6 hours of SCOOP Trail will definitely required you to have a certain physical determination and stamina.

Therefore, do some High-Intensity Interval Training exercise to train up your stamina and go for a run if you have the time.

You can continue your discipline of exercise even after preparing for SCOOP Trail!

Your training will be paid off!

Master the 5 secrets and you are ready to win SCOOP Trail 2019 on 9 March 2019!