Telegram chats and channels, which make students’ lives easier, are gaining popularity across various tertiary institutions. These platforms allow students to stay informed and better manage their lives on campus.

In this edition of Uni Freshie Guide, we will be providing some recommendations on the popular Telegram Channels among NTU students.

  1. NTU Food Kakis (FKA. NTU Food Buddy)

Food Kaki is a peer-to-peer platform that connects individuals to create convenience, where you can offer your time to help one another takeaway food, beverages or groceries all at your convenience. Personally, I find this channel useful especially for students who are mugging in halls over the study week. Staying in the hall and feel hungry at night? Check out NTU Food Kakis!

  1. NTU Ride Kakis

Similar to NTU Food Kakis, NTU Ride Kakis is a spin-off from the founders of NTU Food Kakis. It is a platform that connects individuals to provide for cost saving, allowing individuals to split the transport fare among kakis who are heading in the same direction. Looking for a cheaper alternative for carpooling services? Check them out!

  1. NTU Lost & Found

NTU Lost & Found is another great platform created by NTU students, for NTU students. The purpose of this platform is to post item that you have lost or item you have found, so as to help other people who may have lost something to get them back without going through the hassle of approaching the Student Affairs Office. Lost something within the campus? Fret not, try finding them back through NTU Lost & Found!

  1. NTU Paid Studies/Surveys

Founded on 5th November 2018, NTU Paid Studies/Surveys group is an initiative to share paid studies within NTU. Students looking for quick money may consider helping a research fellow/professor out by attending their studies. In the last semester, I have attended over 10 research studies and the incentives were sufficient to cover my weekly allowance. Are you looking for extra pocket money for your daily expenses? Try signing up for their paid studies/surveys today!

  1. NTU Free Food

What if I told you that there is free lunch in NTU? NTU Free Food is an information channel for free food, food freebies & buffet events in NTU! You will be amazed by the number of events happening in NTU every day. On average, there are at least 2 posts on this channel during the school term. Are you on a tight budget? Do you love buffet? Explore NTU Free Food today!

P.S. Do you love free stuff? Check out this initiative started by a NTU Student. To read more, click here.

Here you go! We hope that you have gotten some useful tips out of this article. If you are a prospective NTU student, be sure to join these channels to make your university life a little easier and interesting.


This article was written by How Jun Yao Jonathan, who is a first-year Business Undergraduate from Nanyang Technological University currently interning in SNCF, Marketing team. He is passionate about making a change in society and sees himself as a social entrepreneur in the near future.