Excited? Anxious? Lost? Yes to all 3 for me! I ended 2 long weeks of orientation from hall camps to the Big 4 camps (sports camp!!) and finally our faculty camps just before school starts the following Monday. Let me start off by talking about my experience at the orientation camps. Best few days in your life! I was initially quite sceptical about joining camps because I am not a fan of camps especially when I know that there is going to be very little sleep during the 4/5 days. But NTU camps had its way around and I can now say that I enjoyed every bit of it. No regrets.

We had pre-camps prior to the actual camps itself where we would paint our group’s identity flags and play games to know each other better. One of the very interesting game that we played is called: cat catching mouse (translated from Chinese) It’s a game that requires us to speak in Chinese with a beat and a lot of focus to ensure that you get the counts correct otherwise, you’ll be out for a forfeit!


My sports camp OG: Winnie!

Now for the fun highlights of camps: Beach Days where we got to ride the banana boat and play bubble soccer, Pool Days where we had our war games in and not to forget, Amazing Race! We got to go to stations to play laser tag, had a Zumba workout and even enjoyed a KTV session to end off the race. I can’t express everything in details but I can say that if you are coming to NTU, you have to join the orientation activities! Not just for the camaraderie that you will get out of it but for the fun and memories that you will hold on to.

As orientation came to an end on Saturday, school started the following Monday. First day of school was INTENSE. I used such a word because I got lost while finding my way to LT2A which is located at North Spine and spent a good 20 mins finding my way around before realising that I was actually on the wrong floor and that the LT was just 450m away (after checking google maps) from LT1A. This is how big NTU can be! The lectures were manageable except for statistics which got most of us staring into blank space because everything seemed new and we couldn’t register the information fast enough. But all’s good now!

Here are 5 tips for surviving your first day of school for a freshie:

  1. Check the timings for campus riders (blue/red line).

You can download the “NTU Campus Bus” app on the App store or Google Play. This is your mean of transport around the school and what’s better than having FREE public transport around!


2. Check for the location of your LTs and tutorial classes (refer to image below) before making your way down.

Then set aside at least 15 mins before the class so that you can find your way around. Unless if you’re like me who gets lost easily, then set aside 30 mins 😛


3. Be open to meeting new friends

Why? Because your tutorials and lectures are going to be groups of different people. It’s unlike JC or Poly where we stick with the same group of friends for all classes.


4. Explore places in NTU

Yes, places such as The Hive, North Spine (it’s like a mini shopping mall), Sports and Recreation Centre etc. so that you’ll know where to hangout, study and have good food. We even have our very own Llao Llao in NTU.


HIVES at NTU (image above) has our very own CO-OP@NTU, check out the Cafe and merchandise shop as you explore NTU too.

5. Have fun!

Don’t be too stress about not being able to catch up with the workload or intensity because hey it is only the first day of school, don’t be too harsh on yourself. I believe that you can and will catch up at your own pace and do well!


With that, I come to the end of my experience as a freshie in NTU during orientation. I wish everyone all the best in your studies and I look forward to meeting you guys in NTU soon!

About Janice janice_scholar_edited

Janice Chai, 21, is currently in NTU Business Year 1. Her hobbies include playing netball two to three times a week and eating ice cream. She is an ice cream lover and needs to satisfy her cravings every alternate day.