Art installations are so much fun, they’ve become items on people’s to-go list. Plus, you’ll feel super excited because hey, you’ve something new to add to your Instagram feed!

Chances are, you’ve been to enough art installations to experience the disparate atmosphere that will trigger your five senses. And what will trigger your sixth sense? Maybe the people. The different types of people you meet will either make or break your whole arty-farty experience but, take some time to laugh it off because you might just be one of them!


He is the one who can’t miss out a single detail of the exhibition. He is one that will take time to read all the descriptions to understand the exhibition. He is one in a million.

But we do agree that we should at least find out about the purpose of the exhibition, so that we can leave the installation with a key takeaway!



We’ve seen how extreme some can become when they see freebies. They will start collecting every bit of it from collectibles and mystery prizes to even brochures and flyers!

I’m sure we are guilty of behaving like this at some point or another – or at least know someone who does this. After all, Singaporeans love all things FREE right? *raises hand!*


In this day and age, we can’t give this character a miss. They are too common and can be spotted everywhere! In order to add more zest to their Instagram feed, they can be seen posing the poses that you see on influencers’ profiles – and maybe add inspirational quotes to their caption.

From the extent of borrowing props to lying on the floor for that instagrammable photo, we conclude that they have reached the nirvana of posing! If you’d also like to reach a level so high, check out 4 Instagram Ideas to Mark Your Attendance at #coopsiol Pop-up.


Usually when it comes to shopping dates, the guys have the tendencies of dragging their feet. But when they hear about free places to explore, they become enthusiastic and will do everything to swap the shopping date with an intellectual one.

Because, free 😉


Other than meeting the future in-laws and proposing to your partner, we reckon this is the next toughest, most hardworking job – The Instagram Boyfriend.

Not only the posers lie on the floor. Instagram Boyfriends are expected to, too! They will do about anything to please their other half, to make sure they have photos better than any of their friends! *awwww so sweet*

There you go, the 5 types of people you will meet at art installations. Tell us in the comments below if there are other extreme personalities that you’ve encountered!

Be sure to go check out the pop-up art installation right outside Mandarin Gallery and learn more about co-operatives.

Coming Together As One Through Art

Venue: Orchard Road, outside Mandarin Gallery
Date: 7 September – 30 September (exhibition closed on Mondays)
Time: 12pm – 9pm

More details at
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