If you think that scholarships is just another grant to help ease your financial load in University, think again. You will be surprised at how far scholarships can help you to achieve your education and even career goals. It is vital for you to understand why scholarships are important before applying to not lose out on the opportunities ahead. Here are the top six reasons why applying for scholarships are important.


  1. Rising cost of tuition fees. With tuition fees rising yearly, it’s no wonder your parents may be chasing you to apply for a University even though you may think it’s for the certificate. The yearly price hike between $100 to $1,000 (depending on the degree you are applying) makes a huge difference to your finances.


  1. Millennials are getting into more debts. It is happening around the world, not only in Singapore. If you are planning to pursue full time studies and are paying for your own school fees, chances are you will either do a part time job or get a loan. With the limited wage growth and rising cost of living, it is difficult to sustain and not tire yourself after work especially when your projects and exams are constantly on your mind. Not forgetting the time bomb of growing interest rates per year, I will get worried for you by the time you graduate from University.


  1. Get closer to pursuing your passion. Passion has no limits, it’s how long you last that matters. If you have a passion in giving back to the society or helping the needy, just go for it! Securing a company related to your passion helps bring you closer to where you will be after your graduation.


  1. Own your personal space. We all hate the nagging and disturbance at home, not forgetting the construction noise happening beside your house that might just give you a headache. If you prefer to study alone, school hostels are usually less noisy plus you get to switch on your music or study in a quiet room all to yourself. FREEDOM~


  1. Secured job after graduation. With unemployment slowly rising, getting a bond doesn’t seem that bad afterall. Let’s be realistic, many graduates are currently having a difficult time finding a job after their graduation. Even if you were to graduate in another 4 years from now, you can’t assume that it will guarantee you a job. Your scholarship with the company will increase your chances of getting employed even if you are not bonded as you have a ‘relationship’ with them.


  1. Recognition. You will be ecstatic if you are awarded the scholarship because you depend on your own ability to outshine the rest. You understand yourself – your strengths and weaknesses and improved the areas lacking. This is something not everyone is able to manage easily especially so when facing a group of interviewers with attention all on you and questions flying through the room.


You should always consider studying as an investment for your future. Although the tuition fees may make you think twice, that’s exactly why you should start finding and applying for scholarships so that you won’t struggle with a debt upon graduation. Scholarships are not for those with good grades only. You’ll see what I mean in this article: Misconceptions About Scholarships.



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