I remember not being able to decide on an outfit for my first day in Poly as a Year 1 student. I predicted that the classrooms would be air conditioned, hence I should keep myself warm. However, my mode of transport to school was walking, which involved overcoming a dreaded overhead bridge. After a nightlong debate with myself, I ended up wearing an uncoordinated outfit with strange color coordinations. The jacket that I brought along did not match my outfit at all! What a way to make first impressions…

If you do not want to be like me on the first day of school, my friend and fashion enthusiast Shandy and I are here to show you some of our favourite school-appropriate outfits! Be it for the chilly lecture hall or for the tiring slope climbing up to it, these outfits are definitely suitable for school!

Most of us just want to dress to impress, and I hope that you can take away some tips and be inspired through this article!

Outfit #1: Baggy Y2K, Casual

casual y2k baggy jeans

Baggy jeans are all the rage at the moment, and they are extremely versatile. They can be found on almost all the popular shopping websites and stores, and maybe even in your parents’ closet! This vintage look is especially popular among youths, bringing back the nostalgic looks of the 90s.

Shandy paired her stonewash baggy jeans with a black lace camisole, black sneakers and some silver necklaces. A monochromatic look is sure to make you look fashionable and well put together! She also chose silver jewelry to match the silver button on her jeans, which pulls the whole outfit together. She is also carrying an A4-size tote bag which can store her laptop, water bottle, pencil case and more!

Bring along a lightweight cardigan if you need to. Lecture halls and classrooms may be cold, and the top featured in this outfit may not be enough to keep you warm!

LEVEL UP: Switch to a black mask and black bag for a complete monochromatic look.

fullblackoutfit_ootdSource: Pinterest



Outfit #2: Goth, Almost Business Casual

classy goth outfit

Shandy’s goth-inspired outfit is her take on the dark and grunge-like aesthetic that is popular among youth these days. The dark red blouse, black miniskirt and black Mary Jane shoes are iconic pieces that represent the simplistic modern goth look. 

goth fashionSource: Google

This outfit is definitely hot weather friendly, as both the top and bottoms are of short lengths. If you prefer darker colors, we hope that this outfit inspires you! It also looks quite classy for a school outfit, so you can wear this if you intend to go out after school.

LEVEL UP: Wear black fishnet stockings or gloves to accentuate the gothic look!

fishnet glovesSource: Goth Mall


Outfit #3: Floral Fab, Semi-Formal

floral dress ootd

The next outfit is a lace floral dress with the Mary Jane shoes. Shandy is also carrying an A4-size tote bag which contains her school essentials. 

mary jane shoes Source: Pinterest

This is an outfit that is super easy to put together, since it is a one-piece dress. Perfect for lazy days or if you overslept!

Once again, this outfit is great for Singapore’s weather. If your classroom or lecture hall is cold, you can also bring along a brown or black cardigan in your bag.

Idea: Recreate this picture at the vending machines in your school! Tag us on Instagram @sncfsg and hashtag #sncfsg and #ootdscoop so that we can see your recreation!

LEVEL UP: Change the shoes to boots for a “Doc Martens” aesthetic. Accessorize with dainty jewelry that match the color of the metal findings on your shoes, bag, belt or other items! This helps you look more put together. 

dr martens shoesSource: Quartz


Outfit #4: Forest Fairy, Semi-Formal

forest fairy outfit

Here is an outfit with the Doc Martens aesthetic I mentioned earlier. Wearing dresses and skirts with boots is one of the current global fashion trends!

I matched the forest green dress with a brown bag and black boots, tying it in with a black and gold watch on my wrist. This outfit reminds me of the forest fairy aesthetic, which is also another popular aesthetic right now!

forest fairy aestheticSource: Google


If your lecturers are lenient, I even think that this outfit can be used as a casual presentation outfit! It has a collar and the dress length is not too short. 

LEVEL UP: Explore different textures, fabrics and cuttings on your clothes and bags. Feel free to go all out with the accessories as well, I think the forest fairy aesthetic will look good with chunky metal jewelry!

forestfairyjewelry_ootdSource: @smmiegh


Outfit #5: Fun Cargo, Casual

cargo jeans musa outfit

The first outfit is a simple purple toga (one shoulder) top with light denim jeans. I tied it all in with black platform creepers with rainbow colored eyelets. 

This outfit is casual yet shows that you have put thought into each item, and is suitable for Singapore’s hot weather. 

Fun fact: I wore this outfit as a lowkey Halloween costume as Musa from Winx Club! The toga top and blue cargo jeans are part of Musa’s original casual look. Since this is a very casual and common outfit, people would not immediately recognise it to be Musa from Winx Club. It is definitely very wearable and not limited to a Halloween costume only!

musa winx clubMusa from Winx Club

Source: IMGBIN

LEVEL UP: Accessorize with statement jewelry or go with a brightly-coloured bag. A fashion tip is to pair your colourful or loud tops with plain bottoms so that your outfit has a focal point that grasps attention! 

statementjewelry_ootdSource: @harlothands


Outfit #6: Cool Grandma, Almost Business Casual

grandma midi skirt outfit

I channeled my inner grandma into this outfit by incorporating the checkered midi skirt. Midi skirts were actually popular way back in the 1940s! To complement the brown tones in my skirt, I paired it with a burnt orange cropped tank top, boots and a beige tote bag. 

This outfit is great if you have plans after school to hang out with friends or go on a date since it is not too casual.

The combination of midi skirts and crop tops is very popular nowadays, so take the chance to experiment with different prints, layers and pairings! 

LEVEL UP: Explore the different skirt lengths and cuttings to find one that suits your body frame the most. My personal favourite would be a maxi skirt!

skirt_types_ootdSource: Pinterest


Outfit #7: Basic School Girl, Almost Business Casual

school girl outfit

The last outfit will keep you ultra cozy in the lecture halls. Shandy has paired a black camisole and miniskirt with a black, white and green jacket. This is a simple yet well-coordinated look, especially so with the green in the background. She topped it off with a black and white statement necklace, which adds something interesting to the plain-colored outfit. 

Shandy chose to wear a jacket instead of a long-sleeve top that cannot be removed, which is a smart choice. Moving from class to class and walking around the campus can get super warm, but it gets cold again in the lecture halls. Keep your options open by wearing a jacket that can be removed when needed!

LEVEL UP: Feel free to experiment with different types of accessories, such as belt chains, earrings, necklaces, and even add a pop of colour with your shoes and bag! This brings the whole outfit to life and is sure to garner compliments. 

how to accessorizeSource: Preview


Have any of these outfits inspired you? Which outfit was your favourite? Let us know in the comments! You can also consider buying the clothing from your school, just like mine in Ngee Ann Poly! I wear their Dri-fit shirts to my CCA events and sports modules. You can also tag us on Instagram @sncfsg and hashtag #sncfsg and #ootdscoop if you have been inspired by our outfits, we would love to see your recreations!

Remember that ultimately, what you choose to wear can be entirely up to you. The fashion trends and tips are just some guiding points to what traditionally looks good! As long as your outfit is suitable for the occasion, who is anyone to dictate what you should or should not wear? 

This article is brought to you by Loh Jae Yee. Jae Yee is a third-year student in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. She is currently interning with SNCF from March 2021 to August 2021. She is also constantly experimenting with fashion and making her own clothes and jewelry.