For many of us, school is or has already started! I’m sure many of you are thinking that you aren’t that prepared, but fret not! Through this guide, you can ensure that you have everything you need to start the year off well!

Item 1: Pens

 Uni-ball Signo Needle Gel Ink Pen

This is pretty obvious, you’ll definitely need to get some pens. Make sure all of them are full of ink and easy to write with. Find out which kind of pen allows you to have your best handwriting, it’ll benefit you in the future. My personal favourite pen is Uni-ball Signo Needle Gel Ink Pen as shown above. The needle tip makes drawing lines fine and sharp which is very suitable for technical drawing. Good for students who like to draw or occasionally doodle!

Item 2: Correction tape

Correction Tape

Credit: So Aesthetic

We all make mistakes, we’re human after all! But, these mistakes are really easy to cover up with correction tape, so be sure to have one to prevent having to cancel everything! Purchase one to give yourself a second chance!

Item 3: Pencil and eraser

 pencil and eraser

This is extremely important if you take Art as a subject! Of course, they also come in useful when you get bored and feel like doodling, but lets hope that that doesn’t happen this year!

Item 4: File/Binder

 file or binder

Throughout this year, you will be getting heaps and heaps of worksheets to file, its inevitable! However, to prevent having to search through said heaps of paper just to find one specific worksheet, make sure you file everything neatly into a file or a binder! If not, you got to tell your teacher that your dog ate your homework.

Item 5: Highlighters

 Midliner highlighter

Studies show that students remember things easier when there are colours to the words in the textbook, which therefore makes highlighters a vital tool to be found in your pencil case! Just make sure that you do not highlight the entire textbook!

Item 6: Calculator


Credit: weheartit

I’m sure all of us take math as a subject, and know that it isn’t an easy subject. Why make it harder by not bringing a calculator? Whether calculating a huge equation, or just making sure that 2 + 3 really is 5, always have it in your bag!

Item 7: Notebooks


Of course, you would need some place to write all your notes! Don’t have any notebooks?

SNCF is going around to selected secondary schools for notebooks giveaway! So if you happen to be in one of these schools, make sure to grab yourself one of these amazing notebooks! Share with others about this! Help not just yourself, but others too!

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Item 8: A Planner


As you proceed to the next year of your life, you will be handed with many new expectations. To make sure that everything goes smoothly, buy or make your own planner. In it, you can write down all the work you have to do, and any other events for that day, so you never have to experience a time when you have two events that clash!

Item 9: The willingness to learn

 willingness to learn

Yes, I’m aware this isn’t an item, but it is certainly very important. I know there will be many times this year where you’ll feel overwhelmed, and you’ll feel like you’re being forced to do all these subjects that maybe you don’t want to take. But, I promise you, that if you give every subject a chance and be willing to learn, you’ll realise that everything you learn, academic or not, will be beneficial to you in the future.

Now that you know what you need, go ahead and make 2019 even better than 2018 was!

This article was brought to you by Anya Elizabeth Fernandez Lee. A Secondary Four student who is pursuing her secondary school education at CHIJ Katong Convent. She was a student intern in SNCF, Campus and Youth team from 12 November to 16 November 2018. She enjoys singing and reading.