Day 2 of ACLC 2017 started with the registration team ready to welcome the affiliates. Now I wonder, what will keep us all connected as one..?


WiFi, of course! The WiFi’s password was also given during the registration so that we can keep connected and share with others about the conference as we go along!

Ronald, our senior manager, Campus and Youth team was the emcee for the day, the best person to bring a youthful energy to the conference.



We started with Mr Kwek Kok Kwong, SNCF Chairman. He gave an interesting opening speech about how most of the Fortune 500 companies were gone after a few years. He also shared three keys in staying innovative for sustainability:

  1. Be a Product leader

Be like Apple! It has been 10 years since Steven Job’s introduced iPhone. Though his team did not come up with touch screen technology but they were able to influence everyone to embrace touch screen.

  1. Operation excellence

Just like the processes in Mac, we need to ensure consistency. When everyone knows what exactly they are doing – everything goes smoother and faster and best of all, it will come with a lower price too.

  1. Customer intimacy

Customer centric. We must focus on treating the customers very well, fulfilling all their needs. More importantly, it is crucial that we embrace technology for we are living in a digitalised world and heading towards a further connected one.



On the same thread of leveraging on technology, Mr Perry Ong, CEO of NTUC Foodfare Co-operative was unable to join us physically for the conference but he was digitally present with us! How cool is that!

Ms Jualiana Salleh, NTUC Foodfare Co-op, Strategic and Corprorate Development shared on behalf of Mr Perry Ong about the vision 2025: changing our world.

NTUC Foodfare Co-op has strong focus on its social purpose but at the same time it remains viable and commercially appealing due to its usage of economics of scale.

Foodfare realised the need to be visible hence they created a social revolution in the heartlands. An example is the opening a Foodfare at Bedok North when many expect it to be styled as a coffeeshop instead of a food court. This enabled them to recreate the cultural norms of that estate!

Another example Ms Salleh shared was, to cater to the dining experience for the 3-generation family. The Foodfare at Clementi Mall innovated by having family facilities such as parents room and playground for kids to play. Now, grandparents do not have to go to Mcdonald just to satisfy their grandchildren’s hunger without enjoying the food, with the playground, children can have a happy meal – at a healthier alternative in Foodfare!

With the Vision of 2025, Ms Salleh emphasised on the need for greater collaboration which will aid in the speed up of service. The culture of innovation that Foodfare Co-op has allows staff to suggest great ideas. Maybe next time Foodfare food can be delivered through app such as Food panda right at your doorstep! We never know what the future holds yeah?



Following the informative talk by Mr Perry Ong, Ms Pamela Chng, the founder of Bettr Barista went on next. She shared that with the simple notion of her enjoying coffee, she started Bettr Barista Programme to help marginalised woman and youths-at-risk with a comprehensive programme to equip them to be a confident entrepreneur.


  1. 72 hours of international standard coffee training
  2. 60 hours of emotional training
  3. 54 hours of multi-aspect physical training

These holistic approaches allow the trainee to be equipped with not just entrepreneurial skills but also soft skills that enable them to be a better person.

Bettr Barista brings coffee to the school to instill self-confidence and esteem in the students’ live. More than just learning how to make coffee, students also share about their fears, dreams, hopes and aspiration about life with the dedicated staff present.

At the end of programme, the students will sell Bettr Barista’s coffee in its school. It’s so wonderful to know that not only do the students gain a skill by being coffee baristas, their emotional support is also secured in this co-operative!


Isn’t it just meaningful? To have a business with a heart to empower and lift ones up, to give them a plan and hope that will motivate them for their future!


Do stay tuned for Day 3 of the conference as we share more on what is to come! 🙂