“If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree. ”
― Michael Crichton

This quote perfectly sums up the purpose of the Journey Wall we set up in Nanyang Polytechnic on 19th July. The history of co-operatives in Singapore was reflected on the individual panels of the Journey Wall encompassing enriching knowledge on how these Co-operatives played a fundamental part of the nation-building of Singapore.

Image: Journey Wall in NYP, 19th July

Intrigued students, attracted by the bright colors of the panels strolled past the Journey Wall. Some took the time to go through each panel from the start to the end. A few even asked interesting questions such as “What do credit co-operatives do?” or “Can you tell me more about co-operatives in Singapore?” Through their questions, and the information present on the Journey Wall – these students understood more about the rising importance of Co-operatives in our society.


At 2pm, there was a flurry of activity to bring in our booth from the corridor into LT-L1. What for? To prepare for an exciting talk held by Mr Jed Senthil from SNCF and Mr Alex Shieh from Educare! Mr Senthil and Mr Shieh are both alumni of NYP, and had great interest in returning the favor to their alma mater.


We started with a simple ice-breaker of a Journey Wall Trivia!

img_4133Image: Journey Wall Trivia

Phones were whipped out, and in a few minutes, students sent in their answers for the Journey Wall Trivia! 6 participants, with the highest scores, walked away with a prize for themselves. After the ice-breaker, the slightly more alert students were in for a treat – an informative session on Co-operatives by Mr Senthil.

img_4151Image: Co-operative information sharing session

Videos were shown, examples were given. Through this session, it is definite that the understanding of Co-operatives was enhanced. But what can further enhance the knowledge of students? That’s right! Another interactive session of a Kahoot Quiz!

img_4175Image: Kahoot! Quiz

The students were tested on simple questions addressed during the session. The friendly yet competitive tension was palpable in the atmosphere as each student tries their best to get high scores. At the end of the exciting Kahoot quiz, the top 3 winners won a prize from SNCF.

img_4183Image: 8 winners from both quizzes

Next up, Mr Alex Shieh shared about, Educare, the Co-operative he works in. Educare is a co-operative of the Singapore Teachers’ Union, set up in 2004 with the mission to Shape Destinies through their core services. Again, students were introduced to the concept of how a Co-operative is set up through a business revenue model that can support the social cause it powers.

img_4187Image: Educare sharing

At the end of the entire talk, we had a panel discussion where students utilized Sli.do to direct questions towards both speakers.

“Why do both of you work in a Co-operative?”

“How do co-operatives ensure that they are able to do well amongst their competitors?”

These in-depth questions reflected the deep curiosities the students had for both speakers. Both speakers gave their all in answering the questions directed towards them with honesty and tapped on their deep well of knowledge to give students the answers they need.

Through this session, both alumnus displayed the attitude of hard-work and life-long learning towards their juniors. Hopefully the students present would have glimpsed this attitude and seek to emulate their seniors who are flourishing in the Co-operative sector.


Image: NYP participants, staff, Mr Senthil and Mr Shieh

Do stay tuned for more interesting posts on our continuous outreach to campuses!

If you have any interest in setting up the Journey Wall in your campus, do not hesitate to contact us!