On 16 November, the NCUI and the ICA-AP Committee on University/Campus Co-operatives (University Committee) jointly organized a knowledge sharing workshop on University/Campus Co-operatives in SAARC nations. The theme was, “positioning campus co-operatives in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),’ and organized on the sidelines of the 12th Regional Assembly. The idea of the workshop was given by the late Dr. Dinesh, former Chief Executive, NCUI at the 7th annual meeting that was held in Bangkok in September 2015.

Case studies on co-operatives and student life on campuses was shared by Alliance members Singapore National Co-operative Federation, Metro Manila Consumer Co-operatives Ltd., Japanese National Federation of University Co-operatives Association, University of Delhi and University of Mysore (India). Dr. Daman Prakash in his keynote address, asserted the importance of promoting co-operatives in university/campuses as well as in the education curriculum in SAARC nations.

The workshop was attended by 50 participants from 10 countries and was facilitated by Dr. Yashwantha Dongre of the University of Mysore. Mr. Balu Iyer, Regional Director addressed the gathering and expressed support from the ICA-AP towards the revitalizing university/campus co-operatives in the SAARC nations.