It is common knowledge that Bayern Munich have been one of European football’s most consistently successful teams in recent years. However, do you know that Bayern Munich is a Co-operative that is 84 per cent owned by its fans?




As with every co-operative, it must have a strong revenue model and a social mission. Bayern’s revenue model is made up 3 revenue streams – Commercial, Broadcasting and Match day. Since 2009, merchandizing revenue has almost tripled, rising from €37 million to €105 million.

Members pay a €60 membership fee – which delivers them money off tickets and other benefits. Offering seriously affordable prices such as the sale of tickets at around €7.50 per match, remains the football club’s social responsibility.

For all the die-hard football club fans: Bayern Munich will be playing against Chelsea and Inter Milan this week at the International Premier League held in Singapore.




Further Details:

International Champions Cup Singapore 2017
Location: National Stadium
Schedule: Tuesday, 25 July: Chelsea vs Bayern, Thursday, 27 July: Bayern vs Inter, Saturday, 29 July: Chelsea vs Inter

Do not miss it!