Do you know of anyone who may not have the blessing to celebrate their own birthday every year with their loved ones? Here is your chance to share your special day with them now.


Based in Manila, Philippines, the founder of MyBirthday Foundation, Catherine Vital hopes to support a cause of celebrating birthdays for individuals in need.


If you are not residing in Philippines, fret not. You still get to contribute. Simply donate some money and request on how you would like a party to be organised on behalf of you!


Wondering who to celebrate your birthday with? You can choose different segments which includes children, prisoners & elderly etc. But Catherine has mentioned that she does not want to limit celebrations to just birthdays but also your anniversaries or other special events! So feel free to suggest your idea on how you would like to plan the celebration with your chosen segment of society.


If you wish to celebrate your birthday with MyBirthday Foundation, click here

If you wish to volunteer as a party facilitator, or host for the beneficiaries, click here


Pledge your birthday and MyBirthday Foundation will send you ideas on how to make your celebration meaningful when you are closer to your special day.


Based in Singapore, Food From The Heart, a non-profit charity does similar program called Birthdays From The Heart that organises birthday celebration for the underprivileged children and elderly every once a month.







Photo credit: Food From the Heart


It warms my heart to see how happy the elderly are in the photos, don’t you think so?


Wish to contribute your part? You can:

Volunteer in celebrating birthdays with children and elderly


Simply sponsor birthday cakes and gifts!


What are you waiting for? Spread your blessings now!