What comes to your mind when you heard this word – co-operative?

Does the word – teamwork come to your mind?

Co-operative is no longer a word that your primary school teacher used to say whenever groups were formed. Co-operatives have transformed into global business ideas, and have become the foundation for many renowned companies today.

A co-op (short for co-operative) is formed when a few like-minded individuals become members of a business. This means that they pool their resources together and unanimously decide the direction of the business.

Group activities talking about co-operative

Just like this group of student interns packing for the stationery packs, co-operating together!

This is very similar to Junior Colleges, Secondary School or University level projects that everyone works together on, just that co-ops generate money as a business.

Most importantly, it all starts with you!

So, how can you be part of the co-operative society?

What values does it take to become a productive member?

Number 6

It takes 6 very important co-op values to be a productive member:

  1. Self-Help
  2. Self-Responsibility
  3. Democracy
  4. Equity
  5. Equality
  6. Solidarity

What do these 6 values truly mean then?

To gain a better understanding of these 6 values, SCOOP brings to you the co-op value series where we shared about the co-operatives values that will make an individual a productive person and inspire individuals to come together to enhance the betterment of the communities. You’ll not only appreciate the way co-ops run business, but you might also be inspired to start up your own too!

Stay tuned and happy reading!

This article was brought to you by Rishi Rayapati from Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), an intern at SNCF from 9 December to 13  December 2019. Rishi likes reading a good book and playing badminton.