In the Co-operative Values Series, we shared about the co-operative values that will make an individual a caring and productive person and inspire individuals to come together to enhance the betterment of the communities. 

Thanks for reading through the 5 articles on what it takes to be a member of a co-op. But now, to answer the title of this article…

If co-ops didn’t exist, corporate monopolies would become increasingly common in the future. People would have that “take over everything” mindset instead of the “let’s work together” mentality.

Would you really want to live in a world where everyone wants to be better than others? Where they would just race ahead and not care about the others behind? I know I wouldn’t.

This is why we need a co-op. They promote healthy relationships between people who want to work together. People who want to contribute to a bigger purpose. People who want to voice their opinions.

And it doesn’t take much for a co-op. All you need is a bright idea and a few like-minded people to kickstart a co-op.

But, to sustain the co-op, you these 6 values, take my word for it. If you want to visit (or revisit) each article, just click on the value you want to learn more about!



  • Self-Help
    • Growing as an individual
    • Making a difference
  • Self-Responsibility
    • Doing your part
    • Supporting others
  • Democracy
    • One person, one vote
    • Everybody has equal say
  • Equity
    • Contribute according to their capability
  • Equality
    • Everyone must contribute
  • Solidarity
    • Strength in unity

But these co-op values don’t work on their own. They only enhance a co-op if all of its members exude all of these values. That’s the secret to a successful co-op.

To better show how all of these values make up a member, let me present to you: the ideal 6-pack model!

coop values 6 pack models


Sorry if you were thinking of something else.

But the 6 puzzle pieces show everything is needed for a complete co-op member. And the best part is, all these qualities are innately imbued in you!

Which is why anyone who’s anyone can start a co-op. It just has to start from someone. Can you be that someone today?

Find a problem, gather a few people and solve it together! All the best for your co-op endeavor!

This article was brought to you by Rishi Rayapati from Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), an intern at SNCF from 9 December to 13 December 2019. Rishi likes reading a good book and playing badminton.