HAPPY INTERNATIONAL DAY OF CO-OPERATIVE to all the co-operatives globally as we celebrate this special day on 4 July 2020.

The theme for this celebration specifically for the youth co-operatives was to plant trees! Joining the International Co-operative Alliance Asia-Pacific Youth Co-operation (ICA-AP Youth Co-operation), there are youths from Africa too as the world’s co-operative go green together.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, youth are encouraged to plant trees at home or their workplace.


Why plant trees?

ICA Youth plant sampling

Credit: Ahsan Ali Thakur

Other than to align the contribution of co-operatives with the United Nations’s Sustainability Goals, the ICA-AP Youth Network would like to empower the youth co-operators around the world that co-operative can be a sustainable model for their community and youth can take action to champion the climate change!

As Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF) is a member of the ICA, we too want to share with you what has the co-operative movement in Singapore and the youth had contributed in this fight against the climate change.


Co-ops Go Green Challenge 2020

Coops go green challenge banner

The Co-ops Go Green Challenge by SNCF (opens only for co-operatives and coop club’ schools in Singapore) was to showcase how we care for the environment as we advocate co-operatives for Climate Action with the following focus area of the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint:

  1. Less Strain
  2. Less Me
  3. Less Waste
  4. Less Today
  5. Less Footprint

We received a good number of photos and videos from local co-operators and here is the celebratory video by SNCF.

Sit back, relax and enjoy how the local co-operatives in Singapore had contributed to the Climate Action:


Our hearty congratulation to the winners of the Co-ops Go Green challenges who had won the respective prizes:

1st prize: $100 NTUC FairPrice vouchers – Hua Yi Secondary School Coop Club 

2nd prize: $60 NTUC FairPrice vouchers – Broadrick Secondary School Coop Club 

3rd prize: $30 NTUC FairPrices vouchers – Crest Secondary School Coop Club 

We hope everyone who is reading this article will know and take the ownership of playing a part in helping Singapore or even your own country to fight against the climate changes. Not all heroes wear capes, some have green fingers and mind!

Want to know more how you can start to contribute to the fight against climate changes?  Read on our articles on ReduceReuse , Recycle to build a Sustainable Singapore written by the youths, for the youths!