To create greater awareness on co-operative movement in Singapore, the Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF) came up with a pop-up art event, “No Money No Talk” located outside Mandarin Gallery along Orchard Road for the whole month of September. The pop-up art event aims to raise awareness on the co-operative movement in Singapore, and in particular credit co-operatives.

Today, many people still face financial issues from time to time. For most of them, the first place that comes to mind for a loan would be commercial banks. However, banks’ terms and conditions may not be ideal for some borrowers like prepayment penalty and minimum loan quantum. When one is left with no other option, he/she may end up approaching illegal moneylenders or the loan sharks to solve the money issue.

With this pop-up art event, SNCF hopes to spread awareness of the existence of credit co-operatives in Singapore as alternative financial service providers that one can reach out to instead of illegal moneylenders.

As a newly-joined intern from the Republic Polytechnic, I am glad to have the chance to be part of this project. I personally think that the pop-up art event is a great initiative in educating the public what credit co-operatives are, along with fun and engaging instagrammable elements in the infinity mirror room and the neon light at the exterior. Through this exhibition, I hope more people would learn about the importance of balancing our finances and that in times of need, they can think of credit co-operatives as an alternative.

Let’s hear from Hannah, a youth I met while manning the event, on her experience:

“This is so cool!  And through this pop-up art event, I get to learn and know about what credit co-operatives are.”

We also managed to meet some influencers! Let’s see what they have to say below:

“Instead of banks and loan sharks there are other platforms one can go to seek help.” – Anda The Sea (@andathesea)

“It is really an alternative. A lot of people have fixed mindset when they need financial help. This installation will open them up to more options such as credit co-operatives.” – Amanda (@mandalogy21)

“People think it’s the easiest way out to look for loansharks, etc. It’s a good thing to let people know that they have more options. People will go in thinking they can take pictures, but you actually come out learning much more.” – Preeti Nair (@preetipls)


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This article is contributed by Kai Xin, Marketing Intern at SNCF.

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