As part of Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF) efforts’ to commemorate Singapore Bicentennial, a year-long event has been organised to create awareness of the Singapore Co-operative Movement. This is the third in a series of four art-themed pop-ups titled “Coming Together as One Through Art” by SNCF where it showcases how Singaporeans have benefited from the social and economic impact that co-operatives have created through the years. The first 2 editions of our pop-art installation focuses on the Credit and Service sector.

The third edition of our pop-art installation has recently concluded. Situated at the entrance of the AMK Hub with a theme of ‘Stretch Your Dollar’, it showcases NTUC co-operatives and social enterprises.  The event kicked off with an opening ceremony from Mr Ng Chee Meng, Secretary-General of the National Trade Union Congress (NTUC). 

Credit: Facebook, Ng Chee Meng

SG Ng participating in an engaging quiz game.

Credit: Facebook, Ng Chee Meng

Over the course of 23 days, thousands of Singaporeans came to learn more about  NTUC co-operatives and how it helped Singaporeans manage the cost of living, reaffirming its commitment to help increase affordability and accessibility of daily necessities to Singaporeans and workers.

NTUC Enterprise Co-operative has evolved over the years, serving Singaporeans through different sectors ranging from healthcare, education, daily necessity, financial services to food & beverages.

Social Challenges

People from all walks of life participated in our social challenges. Were you one of them? The 3rd installation featured not one, but two containers! This means that one social challenge was simply not enough. More space = more challenges! “Stretch Your Dollar” installation featured two social challenges! 

Stretch ‘n Win!

In this challenge, we challenged the public to see who could stretch the furthest. The top 3 results for every week will win $50,$30 and $20 shopping vouchers respectively. There were over 500 participants who were game for the challenge!

Featuring one of our winners who stretched the furthest and managed to hit the maximum distance of 50CM!

Snap ‘n Win!

Visitors also joined the #coopsiol social challenge, showing off their creativity through photos in the installation. With more space, there were definitely more photo opportunities for everyone!

Check out the three lucky winners who each won $100 CapitaLand Vouchers with their creative posts:

coopsiol snap n win creative post winner@joeleio: Co-operatives empower people. Imagine singapore without NTUC today 🤔

coopsiol snap n win creative post winner@invleftb4: Thanks NTUC co-ops for helping me stretch the dollar!

coopsiol snap n win creative post winner@jchin10: Starting young to guide the younger generations which My Son certainly knows how to stretch every dollar to make it real useful and not wasteful!

Instagrammable Highlights

  1.       Lattices & Blocks

Credit: Instagram @teelala

The lattice or “blocks” design concept portrays that NTUC co-operatives and social enterprises are part of the nation-building process. They are a significant part of Singapore’s rich history, helping Singaporeans to manage the cost of living.


  1.       Arch Structures

The arch represents a dollar coin and is repeated along the pathway to represent a dollar coin being stretched in an abstract manner.


  1.       Stretch Your Dollar

At the end of the pathway is the event theme, “Stretch Your Dollar”. While the text gets into the mind directly, visitors get to experience the stretch visually through the multiplier effect. The multiplier effect symbolises how Singaporeans get to stretch your dollar as they consume more in the NTUC Group of Social Enterprises.

Be creative and you can get beautiful shots for your Instagram feed!


  1. Night lights

coopsiol lights stretch your dollar amk hubCredit: Instagram @pegtodiffer

Did you catch our container at night? If you thought the inside of the container was the only insta-worthy spot… think again! The exterior of this installation is definitely a nice background for your photos too, especially at night. When the sun comes down, that’s when the container lights up. 

Missed our installation? Fret not! Look out for our final pop-art installation at Plaza Singapura next month! More details will be available soon.