I’ve a confession to make.

Before I even became a freshie, I scoured through NUSWhispers and all the other confession pages, reading about the experiences of students, their complaints (or good experiences) with modules, group mates and anything under the sun.

And I’ve learned something.

Confession pages are a valuable resource. Beyond the trolls, gossip and rants on those pages, there are a lot of things you can learn.

Here are a few things you might learn:

  1. How to do better in your academics? Read seniors’ experience.

The best thing about confession pages are the valuable tips and experiences shared by seniors.

Things like which modules to take and with which professors for a better time. Whether you have to buy the textbook ($$$, wait until after the first few weeks to see if you need it!), or you’ll just need the slides provided. Whether you need to go for lectures, or you can always rely on the webcasts (Go for lectures anyway, trust me). Which are the better libraries or cozy spots to study in? See, you’ll have to consider many things. That’s where confession pages help with their numerous posts on seniors’ experience.

There are other tips too. One contributor on NTU Confessions shared that there are a few websites run by some NTU clubs that have solutions to past year papers by other students. Now, that would definitely help in your preparation for finals, wouldn’t it?

Why not take a look at what you might find? You could also find out about…


  1. The cool things/events your campus has

Did you know that if you ever need a sheltered walkway to get somewhere in NUS when it rains, you could just follow the ceilings painted yellow to get close to it?

The yellow ceilings throughout NUS. (Source: https://chueonit.com/2013/08/27/follow-the-yellow-paneled-ceiling-faculty-of-arts-and-social-sciences-nus/)

Yes, that’s a fun fact. Fun to not be drenched when you’re heading to class.

If you’re looking to get drenched though, did you know you can head over to the NUS’ UTown infinity pool and take a swim? Perks of the high life right there.

The Infinity Pool. (Source: https://blog.nus.edu.sg/reslife/2017/06/15/nus-campus-life-bucket-list/)

If that’s not for you, you should know there are also board games that can be borrowed at the YIH Student Lounge. Play anytime in aircon comfort and cushy furniture!

Here’s one more tip for good fun and free food from an NUSWhisper’s confession:



Find out about all of these cool tips and things when people share them on these confession pages. These tips are really the cherries on top of the cake for university life. You’ll have to take breaks and relax once in a while after studying in any case. Better make good use of the facilities and events your university has!

These might be examples from NUS, but the idea remains the same for most other university confession pages as well. Take a look through to see all the cool things you’ll find. You might well be surprised!


  1. What is hall life/the new mala stall/the outdoor adventure club/climbing/boxing/… like?

Phew. Far too many to list here.

Just do a search on the confessions page. If it isn’t there, you could ask one!


  1. Life advice.

Relationships, personal improvement, having a good start to your career. These are all things we are concerned with.

The fact that the whole page is devoted to confessions is helpful. Sometimes it’s difficult to talk about certain things with your friends. Speaking anonymously without the fear of being judged helps.

Advice from those who’ve been through similar situations by a contributor from NUSWhispers.

We may have one person sharing their experience with a family/relationship issue, an illness or an addiction they face.

And we would have many more coming together, sharing comments of their own experiences and how they faced it. It’s the feeling of having a community that supports each other.


A few comments of people supporting one another on NUSWhispers. Heartening really. 

As a freshie, you’ll definitely encounter many situations that are new to you. Here on these confession pages, there are gems of advice that you can mine to help you navigate these situations. See what you find.



The contributions are crowd-sourced from the community. The platforms are democratic. There is a sense of solidarity together ultimately.

This is the good these confession pages offer. Take a look for yourself.

Not too coincidentally, democracy and solidarity are core values that cooperatives believe in.

Besides confession pages, add this site to your reading list if you’re interested to know more about cooperatives.

Scroll through this site, read a few of our articles.

Take a look for yourself.

Perhaps you’ll find some good here too.

This article was brought to you by Waffen Matthew Wee, who is currently interning in SNCF, Campus & Youth Team. He is in his 2nd year in National University of Singapore and is studying in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. He’s intrigued by the fact that co-operatives aim to pursue both their social and economic goals at the same time and wishes to learn more about how they balance that through their business model.