After finalising the strategies and business proposal, we foresee that you’ll be searching for ideas on ways to create a marketing poster. 

Here are our top 5 tips to rescue you! 



1. Use a catchy title or slogan


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Great content is important, but in order for readers to get to the content, they have to find the headline interesting enough for them to continue reading on. Crafting an attention-grabbing headline really requires some serious thought.

Firstly, you can use simple but powerful words – using word that are uncommonly known may deter readers away. Instead, stick with words that are simple, yet strong enough to draw attention to the poster.

Making an opinionated statement, adding shocking statistics, creating puns or catchy phrases are some ways to generate an impactful headline too!

Secondly, having a slogan that relates to the business will stick to the readers’ minds, ensuring that they remember the brand and their services better!



2. Embrace colours


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Bright, bold colours may seem intimidating, but they really add a punch, allowing the poster to stand out and attract attention even from across the room. If you are having trouble choosing a colour scheme, consulting the colour wheel to determine the complementary colours (opposites), and colour temperature (warm to cool). Having a cohesive colour scheme really pulls the design together.



3. Choose a striking image


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A picture is worth a thousand words – a picture depicting something important about the product or the service can make a huge impact. Such an image will also help to frame the theme of the poster and support the brand story.



4. Remember to proofread



Do not let all your effort go to waste because of small mistakes! Have someone else proofread your work – especially the spelling, dates and contact information. Quickly edit any mistakes spotted, and your poster is good to go!



5. Leverage on the tools available

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Clueless on how to get started? Make use of the tools available on the internet to kick start the process and let your creative juices flow! For instance, houses hundreds of professional layouts, images, icons, and text styles, for you to experiment with. Having a creativity block? Well, you can also visit for some inspiration!



Unleash your creativity and I’m sure your posters will turn out great!



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