Cooperatives to save the world, not change it.


fwidth_img_3Ms Teepee Gile is a representative of Philippines’ co-operative, Red Roots Artists. She was also one of the key speakers during the summit and a judge for the pitching sessions.

Ms Teepee strongly believes that the co-op values should not be based on a personal level. One of the core values shared was passion. She thinks that true, inner passion plays an important role in maintaining a cooperative, as without passion, the cooperative would not be able to give its best when fighting for its social mission. Another value mentioned by Ms Teepee was the ability and willingness to create something that you and those around you can be proud of, such as a meaningful project that could touch the lives of many.

Ms Teepee quoted “in the field of art, if a good artist is proud of his or her work, and at the same time those who view it can appreciate it, it stands to bring out value and meaning to everyone, both artist and audience.”

She also felt that inspiration and creativity through art can help to bring benefits to the world, as it can become a form of communication, escape, or even a way to make livelihood.

In Ms Teepee’s opinion, the standpoint of co-operatives is that it tells everyone that the world needs more saving than changing, judging by the increasing amount of conflict and the lack of international social support. Hence, she expresses the need for a genuine holistic solution for the social issues around the globe.  

Ms Teepee quoted “when we nurture the infinite potential of youths, it expands their minds and it gives them the opportunity to be creative as they will be encouraged to develop and improve.” Hence, to Ms Teepee, the abilities of our minds can be further explored and if youths were to be encouraged to seek constant improvement, they would have the potential to not only change our world, but to save it.


11 Vanesse TangVanesse Tang

Diploma in Business and Social Enterprise, Year 2, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Consumer Co-operative Society