A Canadian’s Stand on the Cooperative Mindset.


cmcMr Francois Hastir was a guest speaker from Canada at the Coop Youth Summit 2016 in Bali, Indonesia. With a strong belief in participation and involvement, he is actively involved in cooperative-based activities in Canada. He shows passion and belief in the cooperative model and how important it is for the future of businesses with the belief that every businesses should adopt the cooperative model despite the many challenges some businesses may face adopting such a model.

Mr Hastir quoted: “The promotion of businesses as cooperatives can be achieved through educating the youth in the cooperative model as a whole, from its values, practices and its importance. There is also a need to increase the publicity of cooperatives to ensure that the general public are aware of such model. Governmental support is also as equal in supporting cooperatives through policies.”

The importance of cooperatives as defined by Mr Hastir, is the openness present within the cooperative. Cooperatives ensures synergy, such that everyone’s voices are heard. This promotes openness, inclusiveness and togetherness which is needed in our global community to achieve greater heights. This ensures that cooperatives also consider the different needs of people. This democratic and inclusive model is a sustainable model and it sees everyone as a person who has needs, not as clients.

According to Mr Hastir, he believes that youths should be more involved in cooperatives because of its importance and opportunities it can bring to the future. As cooperatives cater to the economic and social needs of people and community, they should become the standard for all new business start-ups to follow. As much as being involved in a cooperative business may be risky, Mr Hastir advised that youths should not be held back by the defeats or risks that may be present. Youths can gain more from defeats than from victories, it’s about the experience and learning to get back better than ever.

He reminds, “Keep learning, because no one is always right. There is more than one way to operate a cooperative, so don’t back down and strive for what’s better for our future.” 


IMG_7405Syahmi Rohaizan

Diploma in Business and Social Enterprise, Year 2, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Consumer Co-operative Society