From Within, to the World


happy green33 year old Mr Sangay Rinchen was one of the judges and key speakers in the 2016 Asia Pacific Co-op Youth Summit. Mr Sangay, along with farmers and individuals involved with the country’s agricultural industry, founded the Bhutan-based Happy Green Co-op.

Unlike most business owners, Mr Sangay believes in a different set of values when it comes to running his cooperative. He believes that the mind, body and speech have to work in congruence if one were to be successful. He stated that the mind is a powerful tool when it is open to new ideas and is vast in knowledge, so that one may apply the relevant skills at the optimum time. The body is important because it depicts our behaviour, and the correct portrayal of our image can give us added confidence. Speech is also important to him, as it shows whether if a person is comfortable in their own voice when being free-spirited.

Mr Sangay further stated that while the mind, body and speech are important, it is food that is the core of everything. To him, food is a basic necessity for every human being, and it has the ability to to help people to connect, like, as he said, “when they talk to one another over a hearty meal.

Furthermore, as an embodiment to this belief, the “Happy Chips” potato chips produced by Happy Green Co-op can stand to bring both sustenance and enjoyment, in both the snack itself, and through the presence of those sharing the snack. Thus, Mr Sangay believes that the food that brings people together, also allows the mind, body, and speech to function at their best, making it a vital part of life.

In addition, Mr Sangay feels that businesses and cooperatives alike should be run for the sole purpose of serving people.

People who can be both service-oriented and people-oriented are invaluable; a business that is service-oriented is crucial as it can deliver a direct social impact to his beneficiaries. On the other hand, if more business owners were to be people-oriented like Mr Sangay, the cooperative mindset would allow the world to become a better place, where equality is given to everyone rather than people having to fight for it.

In conclusion, Mr Sangay believes that we must first be able to sustain ourselves, then we would be able to master the way we treat others, and pass on value to those around us and beyond.


IMG_7031Cennic Chan

Diploma in Business and Social Enterprise, Year 2, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Consumer Co-operative Society