If you have binged on South Korean TV series Squid Game on Netflix, you would have perhaps felt angered or got triggered by the shows’s many twists and turns. The dystopian-like show, which involves numerous participants competing to win a huge cash prize, adds tragic twists to classic South Korea’s children games. It culminates with only winner who takes home the massive cash prize of 45.6 billion South Korean won.

While the show has long aired its finale, one of South Korea’s childhood games featured has made quite a mark on social media and mainstream conscious — the Dalgona Candy challenge.

How do you play?


In episode three, competitors were each given a needle and a brittle, sugar cookie with a logo imprinted on it, from an umbrella to circle and even a star. The goal? With a needle, toothpick or their own fingers, they had to retrieve the central logo from the circular biscuit. Those who failed to produce the perfect logo from its cookie mould would be eliminated.

Thanks to social media, recipes to re-create the iconic candy — and guess what? You only need two household ingredients to start!

What you need

  • White sugar (or brown sugar, but do not that most sugar-free alternatives do not work)
  • Baking soda
  • Cookie cutter
  • Pan
  • Spatula
  • Parchment paper (or baking paper)
  • Tray
  • Matcha powder, or 3-in-1 coffee powder (if necessary)



  1. Add a few tablespoons of white sugar into a heatproof pan

    squid game dalgona candy

    Image credit: Korean Bapsang

  2. Caramelise the sugar on low heat, gently stir for a few minutes, until the mixture turns a pale golden colour
  3. Add in a pinch of baking soda (yes, you do not need to use so much) and take the pan off the stove, continue stirring until baking soda dissolves
  4. Optional: you may also choose to add in a few teaspoons of matcha powder or 3-in-1 coffee powder for some extra flavour
  5. Spread the Dalgona candy mixture onto a parchment paper, flatten the mix with a spatula, and leave it to cool for 2 minutes

    dalgona candy

    Image credit: Korean Bapsang

  6. Use the cookie cutter of your choice to imprint a design onto the candy mix
  7. Leave to cool completely (we recommend putting the rest in the freezer for five minutes)

Feature image courtesy of Netflix 

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