International Co-operative Alliance – Global Conference and General Assembly (ICA-GA)

The theme for this conference is Co-operatives: Putting people at the centre of development.

As you know, co-operatives allow members to have control over and localise their revenues, providing employment which sees the needs of the society. This birth from the perspective of caring for the community. With co-operative as a platform, businessmen and women are able to gather together to exchange business ideas and good practices to grow co-operatives in a conducive environment to grow.

As most of the programme today is by invitation, our SNCF staffs and affiliates take some time to have a good day rest before attending a full concentration of conference from tomorrow until Friday.

Check out what we did today!


We were greeted by the welcome banner and the helpful Angkasa personnel who directed us to registration booth in Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. 


Check out what is in the goody bag! Though you see alot of pamplets, do you know that bag is made of recycled material?

We were all famished from the travelling and we went to the nearest food place to grab hold of local food!

This Mee Rebu has prawn, fishball, vada and egg which is so different from Singapore's version!

This Mee Rebu has prawn, fishball, vada and egg which is so different from Singapore’s version!

img_20171113_192735 Llaollao for dinner as we were too full from the late lunch 🙂

As the day comes to an end, we decided to replenish the necessity in our trip through a supermarket trip!


As we call it a day for today, we look forward to tomorrow’s programme: #Coopyouth Gathering and Orientation, Youth Network Assembly and the Opening Gala Dinner.

Check out: for more details for the Conference!

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