First stop on the last day of tour with KFUC, Raffles Institute!

Su Jin is especially excited for today’s tour because here we have 2 lovely students who will be sharing about their Coop Club (Ren.Co) and experience.

Ren.Co has 44 students actively participating with the guidance of teachers. Not only do they sell T-shirts and drawstring bags, they also organise competitions for Secondary Schools, JCs and Poly students!


Their social mission is to contribute 20% of their earnings to underprivileged students in their school!

The 2 ladies shared that they used to sell socks as well, but later learnt that it is not as popular among the students.


In order to promote Ren.Co, their members actually made morning announcements where everyone is gathered together, did a video to be displayed in canteen about Ren.Co and promoted it on Instagram. I think the first 2 ways of marketing is pretty different and interesting! Good job!

RI Ren.Co


They also shared that as new members in Ren.Co, they never thought it would be so difficult to run the shop as it was very chaotic and they were not used to it. However, they gathered for discussion, learnt to delegate tasks, organise stocks, create an excel sheet to record transaction details and also came up with an idea to allow pre-order!


In order to come up with T-shirt designs, they actually organised a competition in their school whereby any students whose T-shirt design is approved by the teachers, will receive a $100!

It’s good to see that they learn so much as they participate actively in the Coop Club.


Next we proceeded to a short tour around RI where we saw many different art works the students have done for their exams!

We would like to thank the 2 lovely students for sharing with us about their Coop Club, Ren.Co, and bringing us around their school! Enjoy your holidays and good luck for running Ren.Co together with your members!

Lunch time is here! We brought Su Jin to Chinatown complex to try out some delicious hawker food!

Along the way, my colleagues and I were given this ‘Chope’ tissue paper, which I find very funny and creative. It can even be placed like a mini sign stand. Wonderful idea!


“A culture cultivated by you and redefined by us. AG saves you a spot and saves your time”

Last stop of the tour, Catholic Junior College.

CJC Co-op (Nexus) is a Campus Coop, they sell items ranging from notebooks, textbooks, T-shirts, uniforms etc.

Here we have 2 CJC students explaining how the designs of T-shirts and notebooks came about, and we actually learnt that some are designed by students and also teachers!

They also shared that to enter their school gym, students have to purchase their towel to be able to enter. Good sales technique…

CJC Co-op

Aunty Amy, a part time sales personnel in charged of keeping the co-op fully functional during school hours, showing Su Jin types of literature books they have as Su Jin actually majored English Literature in Korea!

CJC Co-op

Checking out the games their senior has created few years back.

CJC Co-op

Introducing Su Jin the types of food prepared by Mrs Toh. Thank you for taking the trouble to prepare all these!!

Now we have the 2 students presenting about Nexus and their journey.

They are the 1st School-based Co-operative Society in Singapore (15th Sept 1976).

CJC Co-op

Sharing about their Teacher’s Day 2017 project whereby they advertised and sold DIY soft toys to students. Students get to customise their stuffed toy animals for their teachers, and part of the profits earned were directed to CJC Student Needy Fund.

CJC Co-op

CJC Co-op

Mini discussion before we call it a day!

Thank you Mrs Toh and 2 students for the fruitful session!

Here comes the end of the 3 days tour with Su Jin from KFUC! We hope you enjoyed the 3 days with us and most importantly taken something back from the tour around our Campus Coops and Coop Clubs back to Korea to involve University students! Good luck and see you again soon 🙂