The conference kicked off with the launch of the new edition of the World Co-operative Monitor where the delegates examined the state of the sector and looking at the 2017 findings of the World Co-operative Monitor.

The report presents a global picture of the co-operative movement, with a list of the world’s largest co-operatives as well as an analysis of the socio-economic value and impact of co-operatives both within a global scenario and in their regional and national contexts.

Since 2000, the Rochdale Pioneers Award was inaugurated in memory of the founding fathers of the Co-operative Movement.

The recipient of the Rochdale Pioneers Award must have demonstrated the value of the co-operative model in the social, economic, environmental fields while looking for solidarity-based, creative and innovative ways to meet the needs of people. He or she must also have instilled ethics and fairness that reflect the co-operative principles and values.

President of International Co-operative Alliance, Ms Monique F Leroux presented the 2017 Rochdale award to the late Dr José Carlos Guisado’s family. Dr José, a Spanish co-operator, was the President of the International Health Co-operatives Organisation (IHCO) and had dedicated more than 34 years of his life to the co-operative movement. He suffered a cardiac arrest on Wednesday, 12 October 2016 while taking part at the International Summit of Co-operatives in the Canadian city. In the tradition of the Rochdale Pioneers, he believed in self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, solidarity but also in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility, and caring for others. He worked diligently to promote and develop the principle of health co-operatives globally had shaped the co-operative health models over the recent years.


                   Dr José Carlos Guisado. Source (The

After the session, Sharon Lim, one of the SNCF scholars who had graduated and is currently working at NTUC Learninghub went on a Learning Journey trip with me to National Land Finance Co-operative Society Limited (NLFCS) which is shown below.


On 14 May 1960, NLFCS was birth out of the fragmentation of rubber plantation where many of the workers were left out of employment. Hence, a group of concerned workers formed the NLFCS as a co-operative to ensure the employability of the workers in the plantation. Since then, NLFCS has evolves to be a corporate players where it have a stake in property, health care, travel, plantation, trading, manufacturing and many more.

Other than taking care of its members, NLFCS also provides education loans, scholarship to marginalised group of people too. Any one who is a 18 years old and above as a Malaysian are able to be a members. Other than providing service to marginalised people, NLFCS also provide housing loan, small business loan for members who applied and are eligible for it. In 3 to 5 years time, NLFCS is going to focus on advancing its technology to catch up with the ever changing trends as well as attracting the youths of the members to take part in their co-operative activities.


We also make new friends who are students’ representatives of their universities in Indonesia’s various states.


Dinner at Meng Kee Restaurant at Bukit Bintang where we traveled for close to 45 mins just to have a taste of local delights! It is worth the travel and we get to walk around Pavilion too where it is a brands outlet too!

As we approached the General Assembly for tomorrow, we are excited yet nervous for our dearest SNCF Chairman, Mr Kwek Kok Kwong who is running the election for the at-large board members at the ICA Global Board.

Stay tuned for the results of his election!


May the co-operative force be with you, Mr Kwek!