*Photo showing Mr. Jed Senthil from SNCF giving a talk to students

The 2017 F1 in Schools/ 4×4 Land Rover in Schools was held on 12th & 13th July 2017, located at the F1 Pit Building where prestigious Formula 1® races are held.

The F1 in Schools is an international competition that challenges students to design, analyse, build and test their F1 in Schools cars. This year, F1 in Schools also integrated the “4×4 Land Rover which challenges students to design Land Rovers to overcome difficult terrains through skilful navigation.

Champions for each competition will get opportunities to represent Singapore in the respective World Finals.”

Through this event, it was a great learning point for the students as they could learn more on building prototypes based on knowledge, research and development, and lean on the Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths (STEM) curriculum.

With the sense of achievement of building a successful prototype, students had the opportunity to receive first-hand experience to engineering and this can increase student’s interests in furthering their studies and careers in the engineering sector. Students were also more inclined to be entrepreneurs as they could start up a successful innovative modal and call it theirs.


Image by F1 in Schools Singapore

As shown above, students got to represent their schools and compete in the race track as shown above. Enthusiasm and team spirit was displayed by students which engaged in cheers and supported their peers.

On 13th July, students competed for the fastest reaction time. After a long while of competition between the talented teams, River Valley High School eventually emerged as the winner with the fastest reaction time! As a booth exhibitor, I could witness how fast the cars went! It was impossible to capture an image of the car, instead we were advised to use the slow-motion function of our cameras. How cool is that!

This year marks the second year SNCF partners with F1 in Schools.


In a bid to increase awareness for cooperatives, SNCF held a booth at the event which consisted of quizzes, games, an interesting photo booth with funky props. Our efforts garnered the curiosities of many students which allowed us to raise co-operative awareness through our fun engagements with the students.




As an overview, Mr Senthil gave a presentation about co-operatives and SNCF’S programmes & services that students could be part of. Students who are interested were also encouraged to explore setting up STEM coop clubs in their schools.

Isn’t it heartening to see more students being more innovative these days?


Be a racer and take your wheel of innovation today.