The SCOOP Team was thrilled to make a visit down to the high tech multi-sensory supermarket – Habitat by Honestbee (Habitat), as other that the technology, we are attracted by the food choices that they have.

Variety of food choices (Credit: Honestbee)

Making our way to Habitat was easy as we have two colleagues who drove. But if you were to take public transportation, based on my observation, it will be great to take a cab down as it will be a long walk from Pasir Panjang MRT station.

Once we have reached Habitat, a gigantic colourful wall was spotted.

This is a photo worthy place as I have seen many posing around with their friends to mark their visit. We are also greeted with signboard indicated for us to download the Honestbee app if we have not yet done so as we need the Bee Pass in order to go in.



You will be greeted into the floral world once you enter into Habitat via the Beepass. There is different type of flowers which gave this place the colourful vibrancy atmosphere before you enter the groceries and food place.

As it was crowded during lunch time, we waited for a while to for available table before we purchase our food.

Habitat has flyer to guide you in the ordering process via Bee Pass across their stall. If you are in doubt, the friendly Bee workers will be there ready to assist you with a wide smile.

One group of health-conscious colleagues ordered grain bowls from Fresh Beets while the other colleagues order fish and chips.

Large Grain Bowl which came with soup!

Fish and chip!

Guess which group did I belong?

Though our main aim is to have a dining experience at Habitat, we cannot help but to take a look at their grocery’s items too.

Did you know that Florida Natural is a co-operative?

It is one of the largest co-operatives of citrus growers who own the land, nurture the fruits and harvest it since 1933. Fun fact that Florida’s Natural Brand premium orange juice is made and packaged in United State of America, Central Florida! How supportive it is toward their local citrus grower!

Habitat also have live seafood and butcher workers to serve the freshest meats to you too! Check out their live station:

Seafood station

Butcher station

If you were to purchase items, your items will be delivered in a parcel as seen below:

My phone went flat before I exit out of Habitat, I was so worried that I will not be able to exit out since a phone is required. But fret not, my colleague was able to help to me exit out using her phone and she is still able to exit out for herself too.

It was such an eye-opener to see how a multi-sensory supermarket works! It is indeed a sign of integration to encourage the young and old to spark conversation as they assist each other via the technology gadgets.

As the rest of the supermarket brands started small with self-help checkout counter, SCOOP Team is hopeful that the evolution of technology in our daily lives and no one get left behind in this transition as we displayed the spirit of mutual help in the process of it.

Location: Habitat by Honestbee

Address: 34 Boon Leat Terrace S(119866)

Bus: 10, 30, 30E, 51, 143, 175, 176, 188, 188E

MRT: Labrador Park, Pasir Panjang