Africa always fascinates me ever since I read the book, ‘Heart of Darkness’ by Joseph Conrad. Dark, mysterious and alluring, these are the words that come to mind whenever I think of Africa. And the moment we saved enough, we scooted off to South Africa.

Here are the 4 Must Visit Places in South Africa:


1. Safari


First thing in my bucket is going on a Safari tour. It is a must when visiting Africa cos without the safari experience, I could not consider my trip to be complete. In fact, South Africa is the home to the “Big 5” – the greatest of Africa’s wild animals. They are the lions, elephants, cape buffalos, leopards and rhinoceros.

We stayed at the Kruger National Park for two nights, and signed up for three game drives so as to see the ‘Big 5’. Mind you, the game drives are not cheap and the best time to view the animals is in the early mornings and late afternoons cos the weather would not be too hot.


And I only managed to see 4 out of the 5 animals during the jeep ride:

African lion


African elephant.


Cape buffalo

Cape buffalo

Black rhinoceros


While we did not get to see the leopards, we managed to see other animals like:







I was thrilled when I managed to capture a hippopotamus opening its mouth wide. Too bad, I didn’t have a good DSLR camera.

I truly enjoyed these game drives as I got to see wild animals close up. Each drive was a different and amazing experience. Now, I know why “African Safari” is on many people’s bucket lists.


2. Table Mountain


Another must visit place is the Table Mountain, which is an iconic landmark of South Africa. Table Mountain is one of Natural New 7 Wonders of the World. The easiest way to get up to the mountain is by cableway. You can also hike up to the mountain which would take about 2 hours or more. We had great views of the cosmopolitan Cape Town as we journeyed up the mountain by the cableway.

Cape of storm

The sun was nice over the crystal seas of the Cape Peninsula from the Table Mountain. Scenic and serene. I could stay the whole afternoon at the Table Mountain.

Sun rise


3. Cape of Good Hope


Taking a photo at the Cape of Good Hope is a must do stuff. It is a point where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet. I enjoyed the natural and stunning view of the sea, flora and fauna. You can also climb up to the lighthouse for a good view of the Cape of Good Hope.

Cape of good hope sign

Cape of Good Hope’s sign

Cape house

The trail to the lighthouse

The sea

Breathtaking sea view


4. Boulders Beach


One of the most visited beaches in Cape Town is the Boulders Beach. This is the best place to see African penguins, lots of them. It is also a popular swimming beach as well.

penguins at boulder beach

Say hi to the penguins strolling along the Boulders Beach.

penguins at boulder beach

Penguins spotted in the Boulders beach

As usual, a trip is not complete without souvenirs. Beautiful crafts, trinkets, beaded necklaces are some of the souvenirs that you can buy. Co-operatives like the South African Bazaar Craft Co-operative, and the Lesotho Co-operative Handicrafts promote sustainable development by providing consistent work for the skilled artisans.

Craft from South Africa Bazaar Craft Co-operative

Beautiful hand-made crafts

Rooibos, South Africa’s naturally caffeine-free tea is also a good souvenir to give away. Rooibos is a plant that grows naturally in a dry, mountainous region north of Cape Town. And Rooibos tea co-operatives like Heiveld supply 100% of the organic, fair trade rooibos market.
All in all, my trip to South Africa is an eye-opener. Interesting sights and culture. South Africa is definitely a trip worth going. So, pack your bags and explore Africa!

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