What’s so special about Thailand to Singaporeans? That’s of course it’s a fun place to explore and affordable shopping experience!  Reasonable price for clothes, food and cool cafes to chill in while in Bangkok! Nevertheless, SHOPPING is the priority!

To satisfy your desire in exploring, I am here to share with you 5 places that will satisfy your shopper’s need based on my experience.


1. Pratunam Market

Located right opposite Platinum Fashion Mall (PFM), it is convenient for people to have look right after visiting PFM. But my advice to you is to visit Pratunam Market first before visiting PFM. Pratunam Market opens at 7 in the morning and usually, items are cheaper as compare to PFM. Remember to buy in bulk! Usually, if you buy 3 pieces and above, you can stand to enjoy greater discount! The more you buy, the more you save! So why not check out Pratunam Market for good deals before heading to somewhere else!

Operating hours: Everyday, 7am – 7pm

Getting there: Take BTS Skytrain to Chit Lom station, walking through Bangkok skyline that links to Platinum Fashion Mall. From there just have to cross the bridge to opposite side and walk a little further in and you will see Pratunam Market.


2. Chatuchak Weekend Market

A shopping paradise you cannot miss visiting! A one stop place to satisfy your shopping desire! Chatuchak Weekend Market is divided into 27 sections, containing 8000 stalls ranging from accessories, books, antiques, clothes and even pets (which makes you want to bring home *sob sob*) for you to explore. Nonetheless, do be prepared as the place is going to be hot with the dense crowds and glazing sun steaming up your body.

This coconut ice cream is a must try whenever you reached Chatuchak Weekend Market! You can choose various topping to accompany with it. Beneath the ice cream and topping, you can dig the coconut meats! You will also get a free cup of coconut juice with the purchase of the ice cream. Chatuchak Weekend Market can be confusing though. I was lost while retracing my path to go back to the same shop which I never get to locate it in the end. Hence, I would suggest to download the Chatuchak map for easy navigation if you plan to go here.

Operating hours:

Opens every Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Friday: 6pm- Midnight

Saturday & Sunday: 9am-6pm

Getting there: Take the BTS Skytrain to Mo Chit station, or the MRT to Kamphaeng Phet station


3. Rot Fai Market Ratchada (beside Esplanade Mall)


This is a newer version of Rot Fai Srinakarin Market. The atmosphere was lighten up by live band performance when the moment you step into the market! Stalls was filled with clothes, shoes, handbags, and plenty of snack stalls.  

One of the coolest sights was when you enter all the way to the back end of the market you will see antiques and cool vintage furniture and toys.

For those who always wanted a tattoo but are scared of needles, you guys can try out temporary airbrushed tattoo that is available at the market!

Operating hours: Thursday to Sunday, 6pm – Midnight

Getting there: Nearest MRT Station Thailand Cultural Centre, walk a little and you will see Esplanade Mall. Rot Fai Market is just beside esplanade mall.


4. Asiatique The Riverfront

Out of all the 4 markets which I recommended, Asiatique is more of a place with a balance of shopping, food with a great view. Do note that things there can be slightly more expensive than other markets, therefore you might want to bring more cash!

Entertaining activities such as bumper car that you can have fun with your friends!

Photo worthy spot with Asiatique Ferris wheel. Giving you a panoramic view of Bangkok city and riverfront ending your day with an unforgettable scenery.

Operating hours: 5pm – Midnight

Getting there: Take BTS Skytrain to Saphan Taksin, exit on exit 2 and follow the sign which leads you to free boat taxi to Asiatique The Riverfront


5. Union Mall

A mall you might want to explore which is just 2 train stops away from Chatuchak. Union mall is an air-conditioned mall in a less crowded environment with more locals compared to tourists. An alternative where you can shop without having to squeeze in crowds and worrying that you will get tanned under burning hot sun.

There are boutique stalls offering a wide variety of unique and trendy clothing by local designers and not so crowded as Platinum Fashion Mall. As this place is catered toward the locals, you can possible purchase clothes from 100-200 baht range!

Operating hours: Daily 11am – 10pm

Getting there: Right above Phahon Yothin MRT station, 2 train stops from Chatuchak market

Overall, in all the malls that you visit, please take special notice on your belonging to prevent theft. Do not tempt others to covet your items by keeping your bag unzip. Unfortunately, that happened to my friend who forgot to zip the front pocket of her bag and within 5 minutes, her phone was stolen! We were all flustered especially we are tourists and do not know what to do.



Thailand LINE had launched a new application called “LINE Man”. Tech users can consider trying this app to spice up your trip and make it a new and exciting experience in Bangkok!


LINE announced in July 2017 that LINE Company (Thailand) is partnering with Bangkok Taxi Co-operative Network, a group with over 60,000 legal taxi drivers in Thailand. Other than providing greater convenience and safety for users, the online platform also improves the lives of the legal taxi drivers by increasing their earnings through the usage of LINE Taxi app.

This service has been launched on 2 April 2018, so the next time you’re shopping in Bangkok, you can support local legal taxi drivers without fearing that they don’t use meter or are trying to exploit tourists!



This article is brought to you by Lim Kai Xin, a Year 3 student from Republic Polytechnic pursuing a Diploma of Social Enterprise Management. She likes to travel, explores places which have good food and watches Korean drama by fangirling over handsome Oppa!