Thinking about having a short getaway with your friends? Want to enjoy maximal consumer satisfaction without breaking the bank? Our beautiful neighbour, Johor Bahru, Malaysia (JB) might be one of your best options!

Though Singapore and Malaysia had re-open the border from 17 August 2020 onwards for selected travellers under the Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL), and the Periodic Commuting Arrangement (PCA) travel schemes, daily commuting are still not allowed. In this Explore series, I would like to reminisce the Johor Bahru, Malaysia (JB) trip that I went with a group of 6 friends in which each of us spent under SG$280 for a 2 Day and 1 Night stay.

Below, I will be sharing some of the costs of our trip to give you a rough gauge of what to expect.


Accommodations: ~$11 for one night per person ($77 for a family suite for 7 people)

Source: Picture taken from Airbnb

This is roughly how our Airbnb stay looked like very spacious, clean and well maintained. For the price of around $10 person, we found it very worth it. Generally, the check-in timings are at around 3pm while the check-out timings are around 12pm. As we did not have many pieces of baggage to carry, we took all our belongings in our rented car after checking out at 12pm on the second day and proceeded with our day 2 activities swiftly.


Car Rental: ~$87/7=$12.50 Alza (7 seater) for two days

View from the backseat on our way to the Go Kart Location

As university students, quite a number of us could drive. Hence, renting a car seemed like a convenient option for us. What attracted us more was the affordable price of car rental service. For my case, ~SGD$87.

Usually, Go-Kart and Paintball locations which are at more remote places will offer their services at cheaper prices. Having our own transport helped us to save money when we choose these places rather than those located at more touristy spots

While Grab prices are affordable in JB as well, having our own transport allowed us to conveniently travel, knowing that we will get a ride for sure. It also meant we are travelling together as a group rather than having to go on separate rides.

However, it is important to remember to drive safely and responsibly as a group.

Bonus plus point about having your own transport is also how you guys can play your own Spotify music upon song requests. My friends and I had a great time singing along to songs we loved.


Permas Go-Kart: ~$20

Source: Go-Kart at Permas Go-Kart

After some research, we decided to try this Go-Kart place (Permas Go-Kart) as it had quite a number of good reviews and has a comparably good price!


Paintball including attire: ~$50

Source: Before playing paintball

Paintball was one of the more costly activities in our JB programme. If you are someone who is adventurous and daring, you will enjoy this activity thoroughly! As the paintballs can hit with quite some impact, you may develop bruises from it. Personally, it was pretty bearable but it may not be suitable for people with low pain tolerance.


Karaoke: ~$7 for 3h 

If you are a KBox King or Queen, why would you say no to Karaoke offered at prices almost half of that in Singapore?

Needless to say, we had a great time in our Karaoke Room with a great variety of old school songs.


Good Food and Petrol: ~$180

Last but not least, it is food!

Some of the places we went includes Restoron Ya Wang (鸭皇药材烧腊大王), KFC, K Fry Urban Korean, Kam Long Curry Fish Head and Lok Lok.

Lok Lok means “boil boil” in Cantonese and Lok Lok can be simply described as street food on a stick. These are usually sold along road sides in vans and are very delicious and affordable.

Let the pictures tell the story. Most of these are actually screenshots from my Instagram Story but I hope you can tell how yummy they are!

Source: K Fry Urban Korean

Source: K Fry Urban Korean

Source: Restoron Ya Wang (鸭皇药材烧腊大王)

Roadside Lok Lok behind KSL mall


How could we not eat KFC in when we are in Malaysia?

Some yummy seafood we had for lunch

Source: Kam Long Curry Fish Head

With approximately $150, we really manage to eat a lot of good food and enjoyed some good drinks as well.

Here you go, my 2D1N JB Trip under SGD$280 with my friends. Comment at the comment box below if the article is helpful for you as you look for an affordable getaway with your friends when we can travel again!

This article is written by Ho Kar Yern a Year 2 accounting student from National University of Singapore who loves a good cup of coffee and weekly mala sessions ~ She is passionate about serving the needs of the elderly in Singapore and participates actively in delivering her service and time to them whenever she can.