What came to your mind when you read about travel bucket list?
Did any name and activities of the countries appear in your mind?

For example, solo backpacking trip around Europe or seeing Northern light at Norway, Sweden, Iceland, etc? Maybe, you were thinking of learning diving in Bali or Rendang? Perhaps going on a honeymoon with your spouse at Maldives and Venice before it sinks? Why not going on an adventure to wildlife safari at Cape Town, South Africa or mountain hiking at Mount Everest which is between Tibet and Nepal?

Above are some example of countries that travelers love to go when they want check off their bucket list or simply to immerse in the culture of the countries. Personally, I am not a traveler compared to my peers and even colleagues because I am not a fan of packing my luggage and spending for travelling. Therefore, they love to tell me this: “You only live once, go out to see the world as you experience the other countries’ culture and stop googling the image!”

Are you a traveler or stayer?

In our Explore series, SCOOP team would like to share with you some of the countries which our staff had either traveled to or desire to go. Stay tuned for more as you read on!

Share with us at the comment box below on what countries is in your bucket list and what will you want to do there!