Hi everyone, I am Saffiahtol Binti Osman.

I started out as a Care Associate in NTUC Health in 2015 after graduating from ITE. Many feel that providing home care for seniors is a tough job. Working with the elderly is my passion. As a Care Associate, I have to do three home visits a day. It is very different from working in a hospital environment where there are several nurses and aides to assist and support, A large part of my job is assisting my clients with their daily activities, such as bathing and feeding, which requires a high level of sensitivity, respect and trust. Home care involves one-on-one interaction with a client which builds rapport and develops relationships.

This is a fulfilling and meaningful job that I will never regret taking up.

This job has taught me how to appreciate the smaller things in life, and how my presence makes a significant difference in other people’s lives.

Why did I choose to join the Social Service sector?

I believe my life experiences has had a part to play in my career choice. My close-knit family has always been my bedrock of strength.

My late grandfather, whom I was very close with, inspired me to give back to the community. I fondly remember those days where he would bring us (grandchildren) to a coffee shop for breakfast. The coffee shop was where residents congregated, and where everyone would greet each other by name. My grandfather’s kindness and generosity was well known, and several residents would go to him for advice. Even when his health was deteriorating in his later years, he remained optimistic and faced life’s challenges positively. This is a personality trait which I truly admire.

I was 16 years old when my grandfather passed away from severe dementia. He influenced how I think now… how important it is to stay true to my values and not be swayed by societal pressures.

Following Your Passion

After graduating from ITE, I decided to take up a Diploma in Social Service offered by the Social Service Institute. To further pursue my interest in helping people and improving the community at large, I took up modules such as “Understanding of Human Behaviour”, “Family Life Cycle”, and “Sociology, Research Methodologist”. Having the knowledge opened up my eyes to local and global issues such as an ageing population, women empowerment, low fertility rate, rising costs in healthcare, etc. This strengthened my resolve to build a career which gives back to the community.

I went on to choose to serve in India for my overseas industrial attachment (OIA). Despite the language barrier, I participated in a programme to empower young women in Pondicherry, India. We conducted classes like Art and Craft to encourage women to learn relevant life skills. 

My Life Calling

I joined NTUC Health Co-operative after attending a career fair before graduating from ITE.

I have moved on to become a Care Coordinator with NTUC Health, after 2 years as a Care Associate. I assist potential clients to apply for home personal care services and review all existing cases, such as the development of service plans, assessment of eligibility for government subsidies, financial assistance, scheduling of services, etc. I also conduct home visits fortnightly and coordinate training programmes for caregivers. I have also recently participated in C2H (Close To Home) projects.

One of my achievements was developing a Dementia Tool Kit which engages the dementia clients to stimulate their senses and improve their cognitive recognition.

Can you guess how this Dementia Tool Kit improves cognitive recognition?

I’m currently pursuing a Diploma in Social Service and will further my studies by taking up a degree course in Social Work @ SUSS (Singapore University of Social Services).

Balancing work and school has not easy so far. I still try to find time to visit my grandma during weekends and enjoy my hobbies such as reading and kayaking.


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