Introducing the Faces of Co-operators series where you get to know about our locals and global youth co-operators virtually, creating sparks of co-operatives’ interests in you.

Our first Face of Co-operators is none other than the newly elected ICA Global Youth President, Mr Sébastien Chaillou!


Mr Sébastien Chaillou is the former president of the first student-led cooperative in France – Solidarité Etudiante. He is the co-founder of the Young European Cooperators Network and still is the president of a Cooperative co-working space in Paris dedicated to cooperative projects, both student and entrepreneur can be hosted there for free in this space.

We had a set of questions where we interviewed him! Let’s get to know him, virtually!

Q1. How do you feel being elected as an ICA Global Youth President?

A:“I am proud to be the first representative of youth self-designated by youth network in a large and open online election. I think it’s a big step we took thanks to Gaby’s (Gabriela Buffa, former ICA Global Youth President) work during the past 4 years.”

Q2. Why did you choose to run as a nominee for the ICA Global President?

A:“I chose to run as a nominee for the ICA Global President reason because many members of the committee encouraged him to and the French Federation gave him free support as well.” By free, it means the board of French coop movement doesn’t ‘guide’ his decision but support in every decision Sebastian makes to support to youth committee. He has mentioned that he greatly appreciates the independence as it is very precious to him.

Q3. What is your first step to take as an ICA Global Youth President?

A: “I want to map all the youth initiatives in the coop!” Sebastian shared that if the mapping succeeds, they will be able to learn more from one another in the sense that it is easier to gather young cooperators at the national or regional level to build local youth network and strengthen bonds between them.

Q4. What are some goals you would like to achieve as an ICA Global Youth President?

A: “I would like to hold the first world youth summit dedicated to the co-operative solution. It’ll be placed where challenges faced by youth will match with co-operative innovations.”

Q5. What do you think of future co-operatives?

A: “Co-operatives should be the tool to empower our generation, it is the only way to stop short-term individualism to run everything.”

Q6. Do you have any pieces of advice for young potential social entrepreneurs out there?

S:“Something I would like to emphasize is to never give up! If you don’t mind, gather m

ore people together and communicate.”Thank you, Sébastien for the well thought through replies.

Let’s wish him all the best in his new position as the ICA Global Youth President!